Crohn's Disease

What Our Patients Are Saying

During the Spring of 1997, I had two frozen shoulders with severe pain. It lasted five to six months. I went to a reflexologist for treatment it didnt help. I went to my family doctor and he gave me Indocin to take. It did not help. I went to an arthritis doctor and he gave me two Cortizone shots and antiflammatory pills. The side effects from the pills gave me diarrhea.
A friend of mine told me about Dr. Winer. I made an appointment with him and told him about my condition and he said I had a Candida yeast infection in my colon from the pills. He gave me nutrients to take and I was rid of my diarrhea in two months. I wish I could have doctored myself with Dr. Winer for my frozen shoulders. I know I wouldnt have suffered with pain for six months. Thank you, Dr. Winer, for making me well. The other doctors has told me the diarrhea was from diverticulitis. They were wrong
Ethel Burger