What Our Patients Are Saying

Acid Reflux, GERD
I came to visit Dr. Winer after listening to him on the radio for over a year to see if I could be helped with my acid reflux problem. I had been doctoring with medical doctors for over three years and all I got for a solution was drug therapy. After one visit to Dr. Winer I ceased to have this problem no more drugs. Im not only thrilled with this but I can eat anything I want again. The first day, in fact, a few minutes after I left his office, I tested his therapy by eating chocolate (I used to have to eat any chocolate with a Rolaid), a hot sausage sandwich and a glass of wine with dinner. Im so happy to be normal again and be relieved of this acid reflux. It makes you wonder why an M.D. wouldnt do this simple procedure instead of covering up the problems with drugs. Thanks Dr. Winer.
Sally Foster