Bipolar Disorders

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Winer,
I am writing this testimonial because I have lowered my blood sugar substantially, and this is very important to me because I have diabetes. I have taken your advice and recommendations and have put myself under your care. You recommended a supplement called meta-glycemix. I have had tremendous results using this supplement. I had blood sugar readings in the range of 180-190 and now my blood sugar is well under 100. I am so happy that I didnt take the medical route, which no doubt would have been insulin and drugs.
No matter what the health problem is, the natural way is the better way to go. I have been your patient for ten years now and I intend to stay your patient. All anyone has to do is try the natural approach and they will never go back to conventional doctors and treatments. I have never felt better, and to all the skeptics out there, all they have to do is give it a shot and try the natural approach. I have never felt better. One day long ago, I was a skeptic but I wanted to feel better and feel better I did. I thank God for you and your expertise in the health field.
Elmer W. Volkman Jr.