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Vision Restored, Cataract Eliminated
Over six months ago my ophthalmologist told me I had a cataract covering a quarter of my right eye and to remove it would be risky, because operations are not always successful. In my case I had only one good eye and it was better to be fitted with glasses that would improve my vision, but they wouldnt give me perfect sight. Leaving the consultation room he said Ill see you in six months.
When I saw Dr. Winer, I told him about my problem. He suggested I take a supplement that helped other patients with similar conditions and I also had treatments from him.
At the scheduled time I returned to the ophthalmologist for a check-up and the doctors assistant told me my eyes have greatly improved. The doctor examined my eyes internally and said I have a small cataract in the corner of my right eye and that it wasnt any problem.
Before this, I knew my eyes were improving because I was sewing and my needle threader was in another room (Ive used a threader for years) so I thought Id try to do without it and to my surprise I was able to accomplish this task without a threader.
I thank God and Dr. Winer for this wonderful gift.
Ida C. Schneider