Chronic Cough

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dear Dr. Winer,
About six months ago my husband was diagnosed with having Graves Disease of the left eye. When I was given this diagnosis, I became alarmed since my younger son had Graves Disease and had to have nine operations on his eyes.
I mentioned the problem to Dr. J. Jordan, the physician who is treating me in your clinic and she suggested I give my husband Pycnogenol 30 mg. one table three times a day. So I purchased a bottle from your office. I began giving my husband the Pycnogenol on Friday and by Sunday evening, only 72 hours after he began taking the vitamin, his double vision left completely, and the swelling in his left eye was also all gone. Praise God. It was truly a miracle. I cant thank you enough for your help, advice, and concern. Six months after the initial diagnosis, we were scheduled to return to see Dr. Kennerdale, Eye Specialist from Allegheny General Hospital. Of course, you may have guessed what he said about what I gave my husband and what happened to him. As most medical doctors dont believe in alternative health care, I was at least able to tell Dr. Kennerdale how much I believed in it and how glad I was to have experienced the joy of seeing my husband CURED of a terrible, disabling disease like Graves Disease.
I tell everyone I have the opportunity to talk to about alternative methods of healing or curing conditions. Once again, thank you Dr. Winer and Dr. J. Jordan. Thanks be to the Almighty God who gives our doctors knowledge and wisdom.
Ruth S. Pulcini, LPN