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Diabetes, Kidney Problems
Dear Dr. Winer,
Marie has been ailing for years with a kidney problem. She also has been suffering with diabetes for ten years. During that time, her diabetes has never been under control. The diabetes would swing wildly from high to low. She has run out of stamina each day making her life very difficult to accomplish anything.
Her first appointment with you was in March and shortly after that her health has improved. She now has no problem with her kidneys and she has no major problems with her diabetes going low.
Considering her past history of treatment for a major kidney problem, the cure is remarkable. Doctors continually sent her to laboratories to check on the kidney function. They results were the same but the doctors did not prescribe any medication to improve her health. Her kidneys were deteriorating to where she was getting urinary tract infections. She was heading toward kidney removal.
We give you our loyalty and thanks for the improvement of her health. She now has a positive outlook because of the improvement of her health. You may use this testimonial in any way that will aid your health program. We give you our heartfelt thanks.
Harry C. Thomas & Marie R. Thomas