Lori R.


Watery stools and Hashimoto's

Female   44 years old

After a traumatic car accident 20 years ago, I have suffered from watery stools. The past 10 years, I also suffer from Hasimoto's an often feel sluggish.

I have tried elimination of gluten from my diet to no avail.

My Primary Care doctors (MD's and DO's) directed me to take Metamucil. It didn't work.

After seeing Jeff Niznik at the Winer Wellness Center and following his recommended supplement protocol, my stool has returned to normal and my energy has improved!


Thelma B


Female  76 1/2 years old

Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Over Active Bladder, Fibromaylgia

I have had all of the above conditions for varying times and have had IBS since early years.

I have been to countless specialists for many, many tests and have been taking countless prescriptions over the years.

My first visit to Winer Wellness Center was 6/2/20. About a month later, my mental fog was gone and my energy was back!

The IBS  was a problem since late teens. I would spend 2-3 days with abdominal pain and take many, many laxatives and special pharmaceutical medications. I was constipated for over 60 years.

I no longer take the medications prescribed by my physician.

I no longer take the medication for my active bladder problem. I now get up twice a night instead of every hour to an hour and a half.

I'm walking now 30 minutes a day and I feel great!

Thanks to Jeffrey Niznik's nutritional consultation and his recommended protocol of vitamins and minerals, I feel like a young lady again!

Zachary H.


Male 24 years old

Pain in right hand and forearm.

I had a continuing pain in my right hand and forearm for over a year.  I cut out exercising and went to doctors and physical therapists. I tried hand and arm braces overnight but nothing helped.

I had an appointment with Jeff Niznik and after doing a full nutritional evaluation he educated me on why minerals and nutrients are so important for the body. He explained how our food supply today does not have the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they did 100 years ago and why it was necessary to use supplements to get the nutrients your body needs.

He said the lack of these necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients could cause problems like the pain I was experiencing in my hand/forearm.

Jeff recommended several supplements and after a few weeks of taking them I noticed that the pain in my right hand/forearm had disappeared!

Thanks to Winer Wellness for your guidance.

Lori R.


Severe Diarrhea    Hashimoto's Disease

Lori R.

Female   44 years old

After I was involved in a traumatic car accident 20 years ago, I started having watery stool. I also discovered I had Hasimoto's Disease 10 years ago and I'm sluggish all the time.

My primary care doctors recommended Metamucil but it didn't help. I tried eliminating gluten but my stool was still watery and did not form.

It was recommended that I see Jeff Niznik at the Winer Wellness Center.

Since following Jeff's all natural supplement protocol, my stool has returned to normal, I've lost weight and my energy has improved.


MLY  76 y.o. Female    7/20/20

I had itching all over my body and I didn't know what was causing it. I went to different conventional medical doctors trying to find out what was going on.

I was given prescriptions to use while bathing and Neutrogena ointment but I had no relief. This went on for four months.

Finally, I called the Winer Wellness Center and set up an appointment with Jeff Niznik. He used Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and found that I had a parasitic infection.

He recommended I use a natural formulation from Nutritional Frontiers, Paracleanse.

The itching was gone within a week!

Richard J.


High Cholesterol Level

Male 66 years old

I have had high cholesterol for over 10 years. The GP prescribed statin drugs, Lipitor, Vytorin, and suggested a diet. Drugs lowered level but with terrible side effects.

I made an appointment with Dr. Honigman and he suggested going on a vegetarian diet which I found easy to follow. Also, I began following Dr. WIner's weight loss prgram using Super Shake and eating more furit and veggies., cutting meat intake down to 2-4 ounces per week.

In 3 months my weight went from 171 to 154 and my cholesterol level went from total HDL and LDL from 348 to 226. I cut out dairy, soda, tea but I still like my coffee.

Today, I watch everything I eat to make sure I am seating healthy food -- mostly organics.

Thank you Dr. Honigman and Dr. Winer

Kristi H.



Severe Rash over most of the body

I developed a rash after being bit by bugs. After continuous scratching of the bit area, the rash spread to both legs, thighs, lower torso, arms, lower back, arm pits and scalp.

The itchiness was so severe that I scratched open my skin to cause it to bleed and I was only able to sleep about 4 hours a night. This went on for two months.

My friends in the medical profession, suggested I use over the counter ointments such as Cortizone 10, Benadryl and Gold Bond. The rash was so bad that I applied these ointments every 30 minutes but the rash did not stop itching and the rash was not going away.

I met with Mr. Jeffery Niznik. During the session, he used his knowledge and expertise to pin point the problem and recommended a few supplements that would alleviate the itching and to stop the rash from spreading.

At the end of the first week, the itching stopped and the rash stopped spreading and I was able to get 8 hours of sleep. By the end of the second and third weeks, my rashes disappeared from my legs, thighs, arm pits and lower back.

At the next appointment, a month later, the remaining rash marks were almost gone from my arms and lower torso.

I am extremely happy to have this horrible rash gone. Without Mr. Niznik's help, I would still be covered head to toe with an extremely itchy rash.

Thank you for your help!

Aaron D.


OCD of Elbow, also known as Little League Elbow

13 year old male

Had OCD for 6 months and had surgery. Had continuing problems.

After taking Nutritional Frontiers HA Plus supplement, the defect in the elbow in the elbow was completely repaired.


Vic D.


76 year old male

I went to Dr. Honigman after 2 major surgeries, a spinal fusion and shoulder. I had been sedentary for 6 months, was overweight and had a diagnosis of diabetes. My A1C was 7.3 and my blood sugar was 144. My cholesterol was 134. My regular doctor had me on the diabetes drug, Metformin.

Dr. Honigman recommended a low carbohydrate, low sugar diet and some supplements. I did not count calories, I just ate only what he recommended and tood the supplements. In 3 weeks I had lost 22 pounds. I went back to my regular doctor around this time and my A1C was down to 6.3. He said that if it gets under 6 he would take me off the diabetes drug.

I am now down 40 pounds. My A1C is 5.7 and blood sugar count is 99. My cholesterol is 114. My regular doctor took me off the diabetes drug. I have less pain and more energy. I'm back to working around the house and regularly do yard work at home and at my church. Recently I sealed a driveway.

I owe this to Dr. Honigman. He knew exactly how to straighten me out. God bless him!

Kristi Reesman

We took our 13 year old son to a family care physician to help treat stamina, headaches, and weight gaining issues. We received referrals to the following five specialists:  pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, and allergy and immunology.

In the following weeks I started to make appointments that were scheduling 4- 6 months out. I knew each doctor would look at each symptom (asthma, headaches, not gaining weight, lethargic, chronic bronchitis etc) and treat each symptom with medication.

I had so many questions and this path just didn't feel right so I began looking for a place that would look at him as a whole.

We finally decided to try a different route and I called Winer Wellness. We got in to see Jeff Niznik and the answers started coming as soon as we walked into his office. Our first appointment with Jeff was 8 months ago and since then we have seen an amazing change.

Our son is now off his daily allergy medicines and inhaler, the headaches have greatly improved, and he has more energy than he's displayed in a few years. He didn't get bronchitis once this winter after having it 4 times the winter before.

We have tremendous faith in Jeff and the healing we've seen in our son. All three of our children as well as both of us now see Jeff!

Mary S.

Frozen Shoulder

9/4/18   Mary S.

64 year old female

I had a frozen right shoulder that was extremely painful and limited the use of my arm.

I had it for a couple of weeks and a friend referred me to Adam Kawash at the Winer Wellness Center for trigger point muscle therapy to see if it would help me.


Adam was very knowledgeable about my condition and how to correct it. After several therapy sessions, exercises and encouraging support from Adam, I was on the road to recovery.

Adam's professionalism and expertise, along with a wonderful sense of humor, guided me through recovery.

He is a significant asset to your Practice!

Mary K.

Crohn's Disease

92 year old Female     8/7/18

I had chronic diarrhea for 35 years and I treated myself for Crohn's disease which I was diagnosed for at a local hospital.

I was given Prednisone, Pepto Bismol and Immodium.

I met with Jeff Niznick and he found I had food allergies and dairy allergies. In 3 months all diarrhea is gone with well shaped stools.

He did a food allergy reversal and the dairy allergies can be turned around too!

Jeff also found I had a fungal infection and parasites too. I am now  taking supplements to rid my body of these problems.

I couldn't go out of the house and was very home bound before my treatments with Jeff. Now I can go out for long hours, to church, visit family and go shopping!

Patty S.

Plantar Fasiitis

65 year old female       7/31/18

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by an orthopedic doctor. Her treatment plan was a shot of cortisone and 800 mg of Ibuprofen four times a day. Knowing how bad these drugs are, I decided against this. I suffered in pain 24/7 and even with inserts in my shoes I was getting no relief.

I visited Dr. Honigman for my condition and he recommended I see Adam for treatments for my problem. According to Adam, what was causing me so much pain was tight muscles in my lower leg. After 4 sessions with Adam I am now able to walk without pain and I even occasionally go barefoot, something I could absolutely not do before.

I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be around Adam. He is truly a professional, a great conversationalist, and top notch at what he does.

Adam is truly an asset to Winer Wellness Center!!

Patty S.


Diane M.

Hair Loss, Bloating, Weight Gain, Foggy Brain

59 y.o. Female   7-2-14

I have been suffering from hair loss, severe bloating, weight gain and a foggy brain for 5-6 months. I went to conventional doctors with no results or recommendations.

My results with Dr. Honigman were very good. He is very thorough and well educate. My hair loss has stopped and has started to grow back. I am thinking more clearly and have lost weight.

I am so pleased with the Winer Wellness Center and highly recommend it to everyone.

Marina Seibel

Hiatal Hernia

79 y.o. Female   November 14, 2017

I have been suffering from acid reflux for the last 4 years. It got so bad that I was sleeping upright and waking up with episodes lasting 1 to 2 hours.

Dr. Winer gave me a hiatal hernia maneuver and I haven't had an episode since. What a life saver!

Janice Kowal

Lyme Disease

For over 10 months, I was unable to bend my fingers in the morning. My thumbs could not touch my finger nails!

I had been to my family doctor, had blood work done and nothing was resolved.

I was at the Winer Wellness Week in October 2017, and I was told to use the following protocol:

1 D3 5000, 1 EnerDMG, 1 Immunomax III in the morning with breakfast.

Morning number 1: No pain, stiffness. Fingers worked fine
Day number 2: Same thing, I thought it must be a coincidence.

It has been 55 days and I am still in shock how great I feel now each morning. It works!


Damien W.

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis PSC (Chronic Liver Disease)

I began eating junk, fast food, refined carbs and GMO's from a young age; as far back as 15 years. I was fine with my health up until the age of 17 when I woke up in the middle of the night, doubled over from pain in my stomach region.

I had bloody stool and went to the emergency room followed by a GI Specialist and a Hepatologist tending to me.I was put on medication after my diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis and PSC.

After being told that diet wasn't a cause, I did research to find that GMO's and dysbiosis was the cause. I came into contact with Dr. Winer and he told me to use LivClear II and Probiotics.

After 2 months my liver enzymes were back to normal and I am pain free!


Dr. James Winer treated our granddaughter for severe behavior problems. He diagnosed a very low level of serotonin. She needed treated on three levels.
The first treatment brought some improvement. The second treatment brought no improvement, but we brought her back to be treated again at the second level. This time everything went well. Her behavior improved greatly. She was brought again for treatment at the third level. This child had been very sick for over a year, but now her behavior is almost normal.

Thank you Dr. Winer very much from a very grateful and happy family. May the Lord bless you and enable you to help many other children with severe problems.


Approximately 12 years ago my son came down with what doctor's claimed was an incurable auto-immune disease called BXO. The best thing the pediatric urologist said he could do would be to operate.

My son was 12. He went through the surgery and two years later it returned in a more serious way. He had the second surgery and the very next day I noticed it starting to appear again. The doctor said the next step he would have to got through is a total urethra replacement.

I always listened to Dr. Winer on the radio so I decided to call him to see if he could help us. He suggested a few natural supplements and I went to his office immediately to purchase them. I started the treatment on my son immediately along with one energy treatment.

Within one month, the BXO cleared up naturally. He absolutely cured my son!

When he says, "There is no such thing as an auto immune disease," BELIEVE HIM! He knows what he is talking about. It has been over ten years and it has not returned. I am very gratefuly to Dr. Winer. Believe in his treatments!

Currently my 3 year old Maltese dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. The veterinarian put her on steroids and started chemotherapy. I called Dr. Winer again and he is helping us with our dog. I took her off all medicines and she is now taking the natrual remedies that Dr. Winer suggested. This the second and I am seeing a happy dog with a wagging tail. I'm thinking she is on her way to restored health.

Dr. Winer is a natural healer. he knows what is needed to restore health. I would call him first before following traditional therapies prescribed by traditional physicians. They only treat the symptoms with often harmful and poisonous chemicals.

Dr. Winer restores your health through nutritional imbalances that one might have. I have seen proof that your body can heal itself through proper nutrition.


I started having frequent urination problems about two months ago. I came to Dr. Winer for my regular visit and mentioned this problem to him. He did a low back adjustment and corrected it with only one visit. As of this day I have not experienced any more problems.
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Janice Clayton

I was stricken with extreme headaches and could not handle too much light. I have be plagued with these headaches for many, many years. When they got this severe I went and had a CAT scan preformed. I was told that I had a tumor in my right frontal lobe. I have been using over the counter medications, and now narcotics prescribed for pain by many doctors. I tried many different doctors for 2 years with no results. A friend brought me to see Dr. Winer who recommended a series of supplements and a complete diet change. I followed the directions given to me thoroughly. Here I am 2 years later, tumor free! I have had CAT scans and they have not been able to find the mass that was said to be occupying my frontal lobe. Thanks much, Dr. Winer

Kathy B

My name is Kathy. I had listened to Dr. Winer on the radio after my mother told me how he can help toe fungus. I took 400 pills from a foot doctor and that did not work. Dr. Winer said bleach and water 50/50. In no time it was gone. Ulcers in my mouth with peroxide gone. So I thought I would come see Dr. Winer about my neck and shoulder pain from 1996 whiplash. I also was very tired and was moody and I suffered with vertigo from my car accident. Dr. Winer said I had a low thyroid, adjusted my neck, and I had energy in four days. I have felt great ever since. No more vertigo, lots of energy, no neck and shoulder pain, and low blood sugar cure.

Angels Donovan

I had been dizzy for two months prior to seeing Dr. Winer at his office. Previously an MD had given me antibiotics for it as he said I had an ear infection. I still remained dizzy but developed toe fungus and a yeast infection as a result of the antibiotics. Dr. Winer determined that my dizziness was from a misaligned vertebrae in my neck. Since that initial adjustment of my neck, the dizziness has been gone Dr. Winer also recommended some dietary changes and supplements and external application of Vicks VapoRub on the toe fungus, and it is also gone
Thank you Dr. Winer

Ayanne Groupp

I initially went to see Dr. Winer for temporal mandibular joint problems. My jaw had been so sore that eating was a challenge. After only one session, most of the pain was relieved. After a few more visits, the pain was completely gone. I also started to realize that my cat allergies had been worsening while I was at college, and living at home with my cat during summer vacation would be impossible. Dr. Winer did a cat allergy treatment, (which did not involve shots or drops or needles or scratch tests) and my cat allergies have totally disappeared!

Janet Cooper

I was in an auto accident six years ago. I was hit from behind at 70 miles per hour. I developed pain in my face and it took two years to diagnose that I had TMJ whiplash. I have been to dentists, pain clinics, physical therapists, and no one could help me to release the pain.
I had to take pain killers to get through the day as I run a business. Last year I came to the pain clinic and saw Dr. Fabiano. For the first time, after two visits, I had no pain. It was like a miracle and I finally got my life back.
If I ever feel the pain coming back Ill make an appointment with Dr. Fabiano and I am like a new person.
TMJ whiplash sufferers do not have to have pain if they see Dr. Fabiano.

Hyanne Groupp

I initially went to see Dr. Winer for TMJ. My jaw had been so sore that eating was a challenge. After only one session, most of the pain was relieved and after a few more visits the pain was completely gone.
When I returned home from college, a couple months later, I realized my cat allergies had worsened and living at my house, with my cat, was impossible. At this time, I went back to Dr. Winer for a follow up visit for my jaw. Coincidentally, he mentioned he was able to treat allergies. I made an appointment to have my cat allergies treat. Once again, after just one visit, my cat allergies had disappeared.
I am very grateful to Dr. Winer for his successful treatment of TMJ and allergies.


Hypothyroid condition for over 40 years


Auto Immune condition for over 29 years

I have been treated by numerous medical Specialists with disappointing results.

I take one prescription drug for my thyroid but if I listened to the doctors I would be on over 10 different prescriptions.

I had been told by a friend to go to Winer Wellness Center for years. Although open minded, I was still wedded to the “conventional medical model”.

A couple of years ago, I began to gain weight, retain fluid and have serious gastrointestinal problems. As a life-long hypothyroid patient, I was told that it was either a result of my thyroid and a normal part of aging or suggested that I was depressed, and offered a prescription antidepressant.

I am educated and know that depression does not cause edema.

I made an appointment with Dr. Honigman for a full evaluation and he gave me a dietary plan that was basically vegan.

I was already a vegetarian and had cut out wheat, so I was open to further dietary changes. I cut out all dairy, corn, sugar and even ended a lifelong coffee habit.

The result:

No more edema, more energy and I lost 12 pounds!

I work in the healthcare field and I am amazed and often frustrated at how little nutrition is discussed with patients.

I listen to Dr. Winer daily. I have recommended Winer Wellness Center to a colleague who is also feeling frustrated and I will continue to recommend to everyone who needs help.

Thank you!

William Verch W.

This is to describe the immense improvement in my very painful, and very long term, infection at my testicular area (tubules, cap, and testicles) which was achieved by just one physical manipulation treatment by Dr. James Winer.
The night after my treatment, the pain spontaneously radiating out of the area was gone. The area which had been tight and painful, even without touch, was now very loose but very hot and very sensitive to any touch. Two to three nights later the heat in testicle sac and the extra sensitivity to pain were also almost 90% gone.
Within a week I was able to stop taking a pain-easing and damage-easing supplement (Orchic-gland M) which I had found necessary and the only non-antibiotic giving long term help for the past year. Within a week the only pain remaining was that caused by squeezing directly on the cap that connects the tubules with the testicles and even that pain was not very great.

Shirley Spence

I just wanted to let you know, after listening to your show, that using the Miracle II and Neutralizer soaps for brushing your teeth really work. I used to have my teeth cleaned every three months and now using these products, I have absolutely no tartar build-up that I had in the past.
I really enjoy listening to your show and appreciate your dedication, time, and money you spend to educate your audience. I have learned so much from your program, and I hope to continue learning more in the future. I have been very lucky with my health and do not take any medication. I try very hard to eat healthy and exercise as much as possible.

Ed Wartas

My legs were both swollen when I first came to see Dr. Winer. I was diagnosed as having been infested with parasites. After only one week on medication, I have seen the swelling go entirely out of one leg and nearly all gone from the other. Thank you Dr. Winer

Willie Graham

Dear Dr. Winer,
I have had the following improvements in just two visits to your office, following your advice, and taking your recommended supplements.
Digestion – no more gas or bloating
Urination – flow much improved. I had had an operation which impaired it.
Hands/Feet – less cold
No longer constipated – have two or three bowel movements daily.
I also like the champion juicer!
Thanks for all your help,

Robert Guenther

I heard about Dr. Winer on the radio and called and talked to him on the air about I.B.S. Other doctors didnt have any answers as to how to treat it. Doctors ran a lot of tests but had no answers. At our first visit to Dr. Winer, he treated me for a hiatal hernia and gave me some herbs to take for the I.B.S.
Within a few days I was getting back to a normal lifestyle, eating many of the things I could not eat before without any discomfort or problems. I also have been eliminating the drugs the doctors had me on. I also feel better than I have for a long time. Dr. Winer has helped me where other doctors had no answer or help.
Update In November 1997 I went back to my colon doctor for a re-examination. The doctor told me to keep up whatever I was doing because my colon had made a 100 recovery thanks to Dr. Winer. Ive also had no diarrhea since Dr. Winers recommendations.

Patty Zuger

Dear Dr. Winer,
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your helping me. You did the most God-awful treatment on me and I havent had any hiatal hernia trouble since I noticed the difference immediately. Also, Dr. Cavanaugh and Adam have done wonders with my right shoulder. When I leave after an adjustment and Adams therapy, my shoulder is almost as good as new. I truly feel someday it will be 100 cured.
Your insight, humor, and genuineness is so refreshing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Myra Little

Dear Dr. Winer and Staff,
I was having a lot of trouble with a hiatal hernia for a few years and could not eat a lot of foods, including red meats, chicken, and certain vegetables without having to leave the dinner table at home or while eating out, and would bring it back up.
After learning about you through your radio program, I made my first appointment to see you on Dec. 5, 1999.
After three visits, I am able to eat without any pain once again. I also had joint pain and leg cramps which are totally gone.
Thanks again Dr. Winer for your dedication and technique that helped me be pain free.


Gall Bladder Surgery Avoided
I was having stomach pains constantly for weeks. So I decided to go to my local emergency room when I could not stand the pain any longer. They scheduled x-rays and a sonogram. Both tests came back negative. So I followed up with my family doctor. He decided to have more tests done. A hibilatory scan was performed. The test made me extremely sick I was not even comfortable driving. But I passed that test. Next my family doctor said he wanted a scope check done to see how my gallbladder and stomach were. But I was scared to be put to sleep. Then my friend said I should check out Dr. Winer. I was not sure, but I decided to go anyways. On my first appointment Dr. Winer found out what was really wrong and fixed my pain. I have not had any problems since my first visit one month ago. And on my first visit he also fixed my ankle that was swelled, a minor problem to the pain I had in my stomach.
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Karen Agresti

My granddaughter could not lay flat because she would throw up all the time from feeding to feeding. After six months we came to Dr. Winer and he adjusted her stomach and she has been fine ever since. She started to gain weight, is now able to lay on the floor, and started to roll around like she should.

Joseph W. Snyder

As you are aware, our son Joe suffered from some form of lactose intolerance for at least three years. Joe was not getting any relief from other doctors and would just have to avoid dairy products and any food product that might contain dairy products. If Joe would eat dairy products of any kind, within 24 to 48 hours he would suffer terrible gastrointestinal pain and severe diarrhea. In one year of school, he was absent almost 30 days due to this illness.
We heard about your treatments from some friends whose son you successfully treated for the same problem. Although skeptical we were willing to give it a try.
Admittedly our skepticism continued through your explanation of how you would treat Joe, but then nobody else was making any progress in treating him. At this point we agreed to allow you to treat Joe.
Joes first treatment was on Saturday afternoon, May 26, 2001. On Sunday evening, May 27, 2001 Joe began eating dairy products. At first, pizza with cheese, something would definitely cause problems and a few hours later an ice cream sundae. Well, the next two days went by without any problems and he is eating dairy products on a continuing basis. As of this date, Joe has not experienced any adverse reactions to dairy products.

John t. Jeremko

Dear Dr. Winer,
About five years ago, I experienced a painful stomach ailment that kept me up at nights no matter what medication I took to get rid of it. I finally went to a medical doctor and he admitted me to a local hospital to check for an ulcer. This included barium dye and other diagnostic tests. I was finally dismissed and discharged with a prescription for medication. I believe the final diagnosis was gastritis and some type of intestinal malformation. Ever since then, about once every week or more, I experienced terrible stomach pain that lasted for hours. I took every over-the-counter medication there is on the market from Malox, Alka-Seltzer, Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Zantac, Rolaids, etc. I guess I was resigned to live with this problem.
Two months ago, I visited your office and you advised that I take one of your intestinal products. I took the product according to your instructions and to be honest, I doubted it would work. However, to my surprise, your treatment actually did work because I have not experienced pain since I visited your office.
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you, not only because I am pain free, but also because you treated a problem naturally and without side effects. I also hope the people who follow your program on the radio or hear your seminars follow your thoughts on nutrition, diet, and prevention because I know first hand that it works.


Since August of 2001, I have had stomach problems after eating. After each meal, I would get diarrhea and cramp-like feelings. I went to two other doctors and they were unable to solve my problems. After going to Dr. Winer for two months, I no longer get sick after eating.


I came to Dr. Winer for indigestion problems. After one treatment I went home and had no problems afterward. It was noticeable to me from the start.
I live 3 hours away. It is worth every minute of my time to come here.

Heather M.

Three and a half years ago, I had an extreme intestinal change. For about three months I experienced diarrhea a half an hour after every meal. This was accompanied with cramping, gas, and a severely sensitive stomach. I also lost fifteen pounds. My physician suspected I was lactose intolerant. Eliminating dairy and some forms of alcohol helped the problem some but didnt solve it. Then one day the symptoms just ceased, but I was still severely lactose intolerant and sensitive to all dairy, greasy foods, and some types of alcohol.
In March 2004, I developed diarrhea, gas, and bloating. After coming to the conclusion that it wasnt just a bug, I visited a gastroenterologist. He diagnosed me with IBS and proceeded to treat the symptoms with medication. The symptoms were lessened but not eliminated. Because my symptoms increased with anxiety, the doctor wanted to put me on anti-anxiety, i.e. anti-depression, medication. At this point I realized that I needed to try something else because I wanted to be healed and not medicated.
I heard Dr. Winer on the radio and he reflected the treatments and philosophies of alternative medicine that I had been reading out. I saw Dr. Winer for the first time in September, after suffering for six months. He diagnosed me with yeast in my stomach and gave me supplements to take and diet restrictions to follow for one month.
The change was noticeable in days, and it was not temporary like my other attempts when I felt good for only a day or two. At the end of the month, I felt great, literally better than I had felt in years. Not only are the gas, bloating, and diarrhea a thing of the past, but I am no longer lactose intolerant and can eat or drink anything that I want
Suffering from IBS made me feel hopeless. I was miserable and didnt know what to do. Nothing I took or did seemed to help. People almost had me convinced that the problem was all in my head. Dr. Winers solution was the answer to my prayers and so much more.

Harry & Marie Thomas

My wife calls you her last chance doctor. Twice you have found answers to health problems she has been battling for years.
The last time you found out that she was not processing her food. You gave her enzymes for that problem. Since then she has increased her energy output. She has lost twenty five pounds. She is looking forward to living again instead of just existing.

Beverly Stevenson

I came to Dr. Winer in July of 2004 because I had constant numbness and pain in both of my arms and hands. Dr. Winer treated me for this condition with pressure point therapy and adjustment and this condition is gone. At the time of my appointment, I mentioned that I was very uncomfortable in my stomach. Dr. Winer did some muscle testing and determined that I had a hiatal hernia. He gave me two treatments for the hernia and it is cured. I had this condition since 1992 (twelve years).
Today I am sitting in Dr. Winers office with my mother, who had a hiatal hernia. I am confident that mom will have the same success that I did. I am so thankful that we are here.

Betty A. Cooper

I started listening to Dr. Winer on the radio around March of 1999. Since then I have learned many practical ways of taking charge of my health, and my familys.
A mole was growing on the back upper half on my right leg. It had been there for several years, and was slowly growing in size. It was also ragged around the edges. I was at the point of thinking it needed to be checked by a professional, when I heard Dr. Winer talking about using hydrogen peroxide on moles. I started using this remedy the beginning of August, and now it is almost completely gone. Only a small round spot remains.
Dr. Winer has also helped me with digestive problems, which was the cause of some fatigue


I had digestive problems and thought I had a hiatal hernia and I was always tired. After one visit with Dr. James Winer, I found out I had no hiatal hernia. He helped my digestive problems. Im not tired like I was. Im still taking his medications and feel wonderful.

Shelley M.

A minor skiing accident left me with a shoulder injury and very little use of my arm. Within a month, I was having pain and muscle spasms in my entire body -- arms, chest, legs, knees -- everywhere!

It was a very severe relentless pain. I thought it was fibromyalgia but there was never a clear diagnosis.

I spent 4-5 months seeing multiple doctors -- Internists, Cardiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon and Rheumatologist. I have had multiple blood tests, MRI's, X-rays, CT Scan, OTC pain meds, muscle relaxers, steroids which all added up to

No diagnosis/No help!

After living with this incredible pain for 4 months and getting no help from tradtional doctors, I came to Winer Wellness Center in June of 2016. Dr Winer recommeded Magnesium supplements and weekly muscle therapy sessions with Adam Kahwash.

After just a few sessions with Adam, I was feeling much better. Adam really cared about my recovery and went above and beyond to help me through this pain.

Adam always took the time to ask and answer question and make sure I was comfortable with the therapy.

He has given me back the quality of life I had before the accident an I can not thank him enough!


For 3 weeks my left should pain was so bad I could not raise my arm to place on car window or put my arm at 12:00 position on the steering wheel.

I went to my medical doctor and he gave me a prescription for the pain.

I had an appointment with Dr. Winer and he did trigger point muscle therapy. I left his office and was capable of raising my arm to car window and actually lifting it overheard.

Only one session and I left feeling and seeing amazing results!

Clement Schmitt

I suffered for three years with a frozen shoulder (very limited movement of my shoulder and arm). After only one trigger point muscle therapy treatment, I was able to move my shoulder a full 180 degrees in all directions. I previously had gone to four other doctors who accomplished nothing. Your staff is terrific: very professional and experts in what they do...miracles! Thanks again.

Larry Amati

I had suffered with lower back pain for nine years, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights. I tried every chiropractor in my area to get relief. After $1,800.00 in doctors' visits and many bottles of pain killers, I gave up, figuring I would have to learn to live with the pain. Then after hearing Dr. Winer's radio show, I made an appointment, still very skeptical. But after just four trigger point muscle therapy treatments, the pain left and has never returned. Thank God for Dr. Winer and His entire staff of professionals.


Please tell Dr. Winer thank you for the correct diagnosis of low potassium. I had suffered over a year with sore muscles, tiredness, and low energy. We solved the intestinal yeast infection which caused chronic diarrhea and washed potassium out of my body.
He told me I had low potassium but I had left the office without a bottle of potassium. A month went by before my next visit and he came up with the same deficiency. Then you fine folks sent me home with them. According to his instructions, I started by taking two. It was miraculous I felt like I was born again and full of energy.
Thank you so very much and I cant wait to bring my baby to see Dr. Winer.

Bob Husarik

For twelve years I suffered with excruciating, daily hives (urticaria). I went to many doctors, including other so-called natural doctors, with no relief. Sometimes I would wake up at night unable to breathe because my tongue was so swollen. At other times just leaning on my hand, or sitting, would cause that body part experiencing pressure to blow up, resulating in severe pain. Dr. Winer discovered, through clever interrogation, that I had been stung by a colony of bees twelve years prior. No one had ever asked about bee stings or connected the two. After only one treatment for bee sting allergy, all my symptoms disappeared within three days and have never come back. It is now three years later and I am still free of any trace of hives. I will be grateful forever.


Dr. Winer,
This is to say thanks for taking away the pain in my right elbow and right ribs. I had this pain for 8-9 months. It is almost completely gone now. Also, your remedy for toe nail fungus is clearing up the fungus. My fingers were always cracking during the winter months. I'm using flax seed oil capsules as you suggested. I have very little cracking now; only if I forget to take the capsules. Again, thanks for all your help!

Betty B.

Dear Dr. Winer and Staff,
I would like to acknowledge the fact that over a period of a few months the chronic skin condition that I was suffering with has completely gone away after following Dr. Winer's treatment regimen. I had peeling skin and pain. Your nutritional recommendations eliminated my dermatitis, eczema, and lichen sclerosis.
Thank you,

Barbara P.

Dear Dr. Winer,
I want to say thank you for helping me! The Bio Pac Detergent has made me have a restful night's sleep and helped me in the day as well. I used to scratch my scalp during sleep but not anymore from using this detergent. In the day, I don't scratch like I used to either. Keep helping people by recommending this product.
Also, I love the Miracle II for poison ivy and other itch problems.
One last thing – your Bronchoril product has helped me to prevent bronchitis many times! When I feel a cough/congestion coming on, I take a Bronchoril right away and voila! It's gone!
Keep up going what you and your office staff do – it's helping all of us!

Fred K

I started having pain and a rash on my side and abdomen. I went to the doctor's and they wanted me to go on a drug Valtrex.

Even though I had this pain for about 3 weeks and it was getting worse, I did not want to take a drug.

Dr. Winer recommended a protocol of natural supplements and within 3 days the pain started to subside and the rash was disappearing.


I contracted shingles several months ago. So I called Dr. Winer and he suggested Stress Plex, Cell Guard, and Sublingual 12 Plus. I took it for several weeks and all pain from the shingles was gone. I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Winer.


As a result of taking birth control pills for most of my 26 years of married life, I was having several problems including hot flashes, vaginal pain during intercourse, and low sex drive. The hot flashes started five years ago when I stopped taking the pills and continued until recently. The vaginal pain has also occurred in the last few years and was continually getting worse. The low sex drive has been a problem my entire married life. On March 1, 1999 I was examined by Dr. Winer who determined that I has a progesterone deficiency. He prescribed a natural progesterone cream as well as some other supplements.
As of this writing, one month later, my hot flashes have stopped, my vaginal area is much improved, and I have a sex drive that I don't ever remember having before. I am very grateful for Dr. Winer's natural solution to my problems. I also appreciate the very reasonable fees he charges.
Sincerely grateful,

Frank Marinello

I had excruciating pain in my leg. I did not go to my PCP but came to Dr. WIner's office for a condition known as leg pain/drop foot.

Within 2 weeks of treatment from Dr.. Honigman and Adam the muscle therapist, I was able to walk normally with NO pain!

Jan O.

Female 55 years old

I have had restless leg syndrome and insomnia for years.

I have gone to sleep doctors, a sleep psychiatrist and have taken melatonin, Zzquil, Resteril – you name it, I’ve tried it.

The Sleep Center managed to get my restless legs under control. Unfortunately, I am still not sleeping well.

I toss and turn for hours every night.

Dr. Honigman (and my Aunt Minnie) recommended that I get treatment from Adam. I have seen him twice. Both times, the night after treatment, I slept like a baby.

This is not some vague personal impression. I wear a FitBit to track my sleep. I have it on the sensitive setting so it records every toss and turn.

I have attached a printout showing the DRAMATIC improvement in the quality and length of my sleep on the nights after Adam treated me.

He has gift!


33 year old female

I had a rash for over 2 years.

I went to Dermatologists and they prescribed medications but they ddi nothing. I also used over the counter creams but they were useless.

After visiting Winer Wellness Center and taking the recommended supplements the rash has gone away. My experience at the Winer Wellness Center has been very positive and I am very happy with their services.

I used several types of over the counter and prescribed lotions and I did not get any results.

Within one month of seeing Dr. Winer, the rash is gone!

Sandra J. Pyle Ph.D.

In early November 2008, I was diagnosed with Seborrhea Dermatitis, a condition that caused the skin on my forehead and temples to turn bright red as well as become scaly and itchy. Since I teach at a university, I was very conscious of how my appearance would affect my students and tried my best to conceal the condition with creams. I followed the doctor's orders precisely, using the special shampoo and cortisone cream, but my condition continued to worsen, and the redness spread to my ears and back of my neck. I was desperate for answers.
One Saturday morning I heard Dr. Winer discuss how he had recommended Vick's salve to heal psoriasis. I couldn't get the Vick's salve soon enough on my forehead, neck, and ears. Three days later the redness and scales were gone! Thank God those five months of misery were over. And thank you, Dr. Winer, for making this information available for those of us searching for answers.

R. Merrell

I want to thank Dr. Winer and his knowledge and wisdom for helping clear up my skin rash. It was itchy and all over my body, and was driving me crazy. I tried home remedies to no avail.

I stopped down and showed Dr. Winer my rash. He gave me Candide BR and DL Duo-Dophilus and told me to get off all natural and processed sugars, no fruits, no juices, and to use Vicks salve. It took two months but it's now 85%-90% gone and no come back is noticed.

I also taught myself I could live without sugar and was better off for it. I also got off decaffeinated coffee, white flour products, and my twenty years of eating Rolaids have ceased in the last 2

Marie Simhs

I had a red rash on my abdomen for nine years. I went to numerous doctors (at least four or five) and none of them had any idea what it was. On my first visit to Dr. Winer, he figured out that I had an intestinal yeast infection. He changed my diet and put me on supplements. Within two to three weeks the rash totally disappeared and has not come back after having it for nine years continuously. I am amazed! It used to be very itchy and a constant source of embarrassment. It's a big relief to me!
Thank you,

Alice M. Lisjack

I had a skin rash for 40 years that conventional doctors could not help! It covered me from head to toe. After Dr. Winer's treatment and recommendation to change soap, the rash went away in a few weeks! I have been rash free for over for years now!
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Bill Nay

I have suffered for many years with psoriasis. After years of seeing dermatologists without success I listened to Dr. Winer on the radio and visited his office. He recommended Candibactin BR and Caprylex. Almost immediately there was a positive change in my skin condition. It's virtually all gone!
I believe that I would have still been visiting with the dermatologists at a very large cost with little results. I have great confidence in Dr. Winer and continue to see him for my family's needs.

A. Donaldson

I had struggled with psoriasis on my trunk and ears for 25 years. Dermatologists and medicines didn't really help. After six months of treatment with Dr. Winer, my psoriasis is completely gone!

Elise C. Buch

I sought Dr. Winers treatment for uncontrollable mood swings, violent outbursts, night sweats, anxiety, and headaches, the symptoms he diagnosed as low blood sugar. After the first treatment in October, I noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and a tremendous improvement in my general well-being. The mood swings I was experiencing at least once every week, which were affecting my relationships, work, and studies, have completely subsided. I feel wonderful

Dr. Winer also treated me for painful lumps in my armpits, which, after one week of natural deodorant use, disappeared.

I no longer have night sweats or sleeplessness. I am not anxious, I dont have persistent headaches, and I am lump-free Thank you Dr. Winer.

Chloe Pechman

I had been to various Doctors and weight clinics and was put on many different medications.

I heard Dr. Winer on the radio while driving from New Hampshire. Dr. Winer put me on an allergy free diet and recommended several supplements for me to take.

I lost 60 pounds and all of the above symptoms were gone! I feel great and I am able to walk 2 hours nonstop. Before I could not walk for 5 minutes.

I had great help from Dr. Honigman, Jamie, Adam and all the wonderful professional staff at Winer Wellness Center.


Prior to seeing Dr. Winer, I had an allergy to peanuts. Every time I ate peanut butter, I would become fatigued, I would become itchy all over, and I would become depressed. Initially I was skeptical about the allergy treatments, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to have a peanut allergy treatment. After the first treatment, I didnt have any skin irritations, but I was still depressed and fatigued after eating peanut butter. But after the second treatment, I no longer got depressed or became lethargic after ingesting peanut butter. The treatment for peanuts worked, therefore this can work for other foods. Im still being treated by Dr. Winer for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and other food sensitivities. After years of being on the medical treadmill, I am finally on the road to recovery at Dr. Winers clinic. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at merlinitravel@yahoo.com.

I would recommend Dr. Winer for whoever wants to regain their health as opposed to being subjected to dangerous medications and ignorant medical doctors through the medical model. Natural healing does work. Thank you Dr. Winer for your help.

Tamara, Tom, & A.J.

I just wanted to write and thank you and your staff for helping my brother Tom, my mom A.J., and myself. We had allergies, hiatal hernia, and back/neck/knee pain along with headaches, which you helped tremendously.

My brother can breathe without suffering stuffiness and nasal drainage. He can also eat bananas without any allergic reactions. My mom has had trouble for years with hiatal hernia and she feels 100 better after a couple treatments with you. For myself, you helped with sugar cravings, which was from low blood sugar. Also, other allergies such as dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and dairy products were helped. All three of us had some sort of body pain, such as headaches, back, knee, and hip problems. With your help, we have all improved. Learning how to change your lifestyle and eating habits is a challenge but a great health benefit because we feel a lot better not as fatigued and tired and have more energy.

We also wanted to mention that we appreciate your concern for health but also your concern for the cost we as patients incur. Just in one visit we were diagnosed and treatment started. We felt better physically plus our pocketbooks felt great too because we didnt spend as much money as we would elsewhere. You get us on our road to recovery Thank you.

We also wanted to thank your great staff. The ladies that work for you are great They are organized, friendly, and helpful. We have been there at your office at least four or more times and never had to wait for our appointment. They know their job and are a great asset to your office

Stephen P. Hecht

Having much success with Dr. Winers various treatments and supplements for my former digestive problems, my wife and I decided to bring our six year old daughter, Sarah, to the Pain Release Clinic for her severe allergy problems. Her treatments are also going equally well.

Just before leaving to drive to the Pain Release Clinic for Sarahs second allergy treatment, I noticed I had a slight pain in my front torso just below my right rib cage. I didnt think much of it, but while in route to Dr. Winers office the pain grew steadily worse. We made it to Dr. Winers office in 25 minutes and by that time I was in excruciating pain. It felt like a knife was going straight through me to my back. Soon, I found myself in Dr. Winers lobby on the floor curled up in a ball, sweating and pale. My wife and I were thinking the worst...gall bladder, appendicitis, or heart attack We decided I needed to get to a hospital Just then, Dr. Winer walked past and saw me on the floor and promptly escorted me into a treatment room with Dr. Cavanaugh. Both Drs. Cavanaugh and Winer started to examine me and found that I had a pinched nerve near my 8th thoracic vertebrae in my back. Within a few minutes of adjusting my back, Dr. Cavanaugh was able to give me instant relief. The pain was released After a total of thirty minutes of treatment, I stood up and walked out completely healed.

When my daughter was finished with her allergy treatments, my family and I went out to lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day together. It has been four weeks since this happened and I havent had the pain again. To me, it was a miracle

Sharon Trimble

I felt compelled to write this because Dr. Winer has helped me so much I was having bouts of extreme fatigue and was struggling to accomplish even small tasks. Dr. Winer diagnosed me with low thyroid and prescribed a supplement that would jump start my thyroid and get it going. This supplement made such a difference I now have my life back and can enjoy my work. Dr. Winer also discovered and named each one of my allergies and is presently working to rid me of each one. It is such a pleasure to eat things I havent been able to eat in years. Even though I live in Ohio and have to drive a ways I look forward to my visit to Dr. Winers office each month knowing I will be healthier for it

Rose L.

Before I met Dr. Winer, I knew I had numerous allergies, which contributed to my sinus and migraine headaches. I tried the homeopathic route, which I found to be slow acting and quite expensive. Then I heard Dr. Winer on the radio and decided to try his method for treating allergies.

Dr. Winers evaluation of my situation revealed that food and environmental allergies along with a misaligned neck were the cause of my headaches. After allergy treatments for dust, pollen, grass, and an adjustment to my neck, my headaches have disappeared.

I also had daily cravings for sweets and chocolate. Dr. Winers tests revealed that I had an allergy to chocolate, as well as low blood sugar. After an allergy treatment for chocolate and two treatments for low blood sugar, all the cravings have ceased.

At one of my visits to Dr. Winer, I mentioned that I grind my teeth at night. I have done this for at least ten years and was wearing a night guard to help with the wear on my teeth. Dr. Winer tested me and found that I had parasites. He recommended the proper supplement to rid me of the parasites and now I no longer grind my teeth.

As a result of listening to Dr. Winers radio programs, I have made positive changes in my life. I currently eat a salad every day. I now drink at least 8-10 glasses of distilled water daily. I have also switched to a natural aluminum free deodorant and natural fluoride free toothpaste. I am also in the process of trying to become a vegetarian.

Call Dr. Winers office at (412) 431-PAIN to receive a free radio program guide and listen to the radio shows. Im sure there will be a health topic discussed that will relate to you or someone you know.

I am feeling better now than I have in years. I believe everyone can someone benefit from the variety of services offered at Dr. Winers office. I highly recommend the services of Dr. James Winer and his staff to everyone.

Rose C. Morelli

In February 1999, I had been experiencing irritation, watering, and burning of my eyes. In the morning the discomfort was unbearable it felt like I had a pound of sand in my eyes. They became very sensitive to perfumes.

I spoke with Dr. Winer regarding my symptoms. He then asked me what type of pillow I used. He then stated that I was allergic to the down feathers in my pillow.

That evening I slept on a regular form pillow and the following morning my symptoms were completely gone.

Roland Haudy

Dr. Winer,

I came in to see you just six weeks ago for nutritional needs. You diagnosed me with low thyroid and allergies to milk products and tomatoes. After changing my diet, eating a salad a day, and taking the supplements I noticed a major difference. I began to lose weight, the rashes on my arms and face were going away, and I can sleep through the night due to consuming less mucous producing milk products. I no longer have itchy, dry skin, and a lot of my back pain is gone. The energy that I have is just incredible!


Marjorie Salem

When I was experiencing some health problems a couple of months ago, my daughter happened to find Dr. Winer's website and called me on the phone to tell me that I had to go see him.

I had been experiencing allergic reactions to a number of things, including magnesium and other nutritional supplements. I was also having problems with my heart skipping beats to the point that I was very concerned. A cardiologist checked out my heart problems but could find nothing wrong and was of no help to me. I also found that it is useless to try to discuss allergies with a traditional doctor. My biggest problem seemed to be finding a doctor capable of helping me.

I have found Dr. Winer to be not only very capable but also genuinely dedicated to being of help. After just a few treatments I was able to tell him that I had come to the conclusion that he really knows what he is doing. He is very knowledgeable and his years of experience made me feel confident to accept his treatment and his advice.

On my first visit Dr. Winer found low thyroid to be the cause of my problems. The nutrients he determined I needed have alleviated that problem. He has also treated me for various food and nutritional allergies and I have felt noticeably better with each treatment I have received. It is wonderful to be feeling consistently good again and I am grateful that Dr. Winer was able to help me regain my health.

Thank you Dr. Winer!

Karen Becker

The treatments for which I am scheduled are pollen, animal dander, and basil. Dr. Winer has also treated several members of my family, including my four year old daughter, for hypoglycemia. She would wake in the middle of the night with horribly frightening night terrors. My husband and I decided, after one horrific night of terrors, that we would take her to see if Dr. Winer would be able to help her. He determined that she was hypoglycemic, corrected her bodys functioning, and now she is like a different child. Where she was unable to sit still for five minutes before, she has no trouble occupying her time wisely now. She has not had a night terror related to low blood sugar since Dr. Winer corrected her bodys functioning.

The work Dr. Winer is doing is nothing short of amazing. Albeit, there are critics, and many people find his work intimidating. Most people in this geographic area are not familiar with Applied Kinesiology, and many are not open to newer, less medical ways of doing things. The bottom line, however, is that you cannot argue with results, and my life has been turned around thanks to Dr. Winer and his wonderful staff of caring people. It is because of my restored health, and the amazing results of the people that are treated by him, that I am writing this letter.

If you so choose to investigate Dr. Winers practice, I am sure you too will find the results dramatic, and a subject to which your readers would be drawn.
Thank you very much for your time.

Hyanne Groupp

I initially went to see Dr. Winer for TMJ. My jaw had been so sore that eating was a challenge. After only one session, most of the pain was relieved and after a few more visits the pain was completely gone.
When I returned home from college, a couple months later, I realized my cat allergies had worsened and living at my house, with my cat, was impossible. At this time, I went back to Dr. Winer for a follow up visit for my jaw. Coincidentally, he mentioned he was able to treat allergies. I made an appointment to have my cat allergies treat. Once again, after just one visit, my cat allergies had disappeared.

I am very grateful to Dr. Winer for his successful treatment of TMJ and allergies.

Bob Husarik

For twelve years I suffered with excruciating, daily hives (urticaria). I went to many doctors, including other so-called natural doctors, with no relief. Sometimes I would wake up at night unable to breathe because my tongue was so swollen. At other times just leaning on my hand, or sitting, would cause that body part experiencing pressure to blow up, resulating in severe pain. Dr. Winer discovered, through clever interrogation, that I had been stung by a colony of bees twelve years prior. No one had ever asked about bee stings or connected the two. After only one treatment for bee sting allergy, all my symptoms disappeared within three days and have never come back. It is now three years later and I am still free of any trace of hives. I will be grateful forever.

George Stelika

Dr. Winer has helped me out with my allergies. So far I haven't had an attack for two months.

Ellen A. Moore

Dear Dr. Winer,

When I first contacted your office, it was with the intent of having treatments for numerous allergies, a suspected underactive thyroid, and a suspected hiatal hernia.

During my first visit you diagnosed the thyroid problem and started me along the path to resolving that problem.

We also discussed the severe allergy reaction to grass I had experienced during the preceding week diarrhea and vomiting. Before I left your office that day, the grass allergy became a thing of the past. When I cut grass the following weekend, I was able to breathe freely while cutting, raking, gathering, and disposing of the grass. I think the term I used during the second visit was Astounded I didnt believe one treatment could eliminate reactions that had been worsening over the past few years. Through the summer, I have had no reoccurrence of the allergy reactions. THANK YOU 1

My second visit was dedicated to a pollen treatment and a hiatal hernia treatment. The allergy treatment worked. For the first time in about half my lifetime Ive been able to enjoy the scent of roses, lilacs, heather, and probably half the weeds I avoided through the years. THANK YOU 2

The hiatal hernia treatment stopped the burping Id been doing for far too long and the horrible taste in my mouth with each burp and what must really have been foul breath. I also noticed that I was able to breathe deeply...that hadnt happened for a while. THANK YOU 3

My third visit was dedicated to an allergy I knew I had to sawdust. Since my hobby is creating miniature rooms (the dollhouse size), the sawdust allergy had become a nuisance (sneezing and congestion) each time I sawed or filed or sanded wood for use in creating a room or miniature furniture. That allergy treatment worked THANK YOU 4

I know all three of the allergy treatments worked because the week after the tree parts treatment, I took a trip to Maine for a weeks worth of classes on creating a room in miniature. The campus grass had been cut the day before I arrived and was cut during the week I was there. The spring flowers were a-blossoming everywhere. The sawdust and sanding dust was around me all week. I enjoyed the smell of the grass, the aromas of the lilacs, poppies, heather, and even the sawdust...and I didnt sneeze or use Kleenex, except to clean paint brushes or clean the glue and paint off my fingers. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SUCCESSFUL TREATMENTS

My fourth visit was dedicated to a dust/mold allergy and muscle therapy on the thigh of the leg where Id had arthroscopic knee surgery a few years ago.
The allergy treatment worked...since the treatment I havent sneezed once when the air conditioner at work starts blowing. THANK YOU 5
Adams therapy treatment has all but eliminated the pain Ive been experiencing since arthroscopic surgery in 1997. Before the treatment, walking up stairs was a project, requiring the use of the railing to pull myself along, because pain would make the knee go weak. I find myself walking without pain and walking up stairs, no railing use, even with my arms full of packages. THANK YOU 6 GOES TO ADAM.

During that visit we talked about changing my eating habits, because Im interested in losing that spare person Ive been carrying with me for about half my lifetime. You made a few suggestions about making my diet revolve around fresh fruits and vegetables, to lead me to a healthier me. Going vegetarian in some ways was not as hard as I thought it would be (I always have liked fruits and veggies, and had become bored with meat, poultry, and fish).

My fifth visit was caused by a back strain while gardening. Dr. Cavanaughs treatment made the pain go away before I left. THANK YOU 7, DR. CAVANAUGH.
During that visit, I had mentioned my problem with dribbling when sneezing or coughing. Your quick treatment stopped that. THANK YOU 8

The next visit occurred because I twisted my knee that one with the arthroscopic surgery and heard it pop in the process...providing pain with each step. Your hands, working with it, settled it down. THANK YOU 9
We still have some work to do I want to be able to walk down stairs without holding on...its those other muscles above that knee

So far Ive lost 14 of me...eating right...so when it goes away, it stays away. But theres still another 36 of me to go. Before I started eating the right way, my shoes were carrying two of me. Im looking forward to the day theyre carrying only one of me.

There are still other allergies to be whipped.

Just figured, since Im approaching 60, Id like to do it on the go, not on the couch (which is where I would have been without your and your staffs help and suggestions over the past few months).

And.....since youve received this letter, it means Ive hiked from Fifth and Grant to your office. Thats something I wouldnt have attempted before my first visit, or if I had, you would have had to find an oxygen tank or do CPR when I got to your office or find a magic cure to get the pain out of my knee.
My lifes getting better every day and a lot of that is thanks to you (and your staff).

I am seeing more of whats right with the world, am more positive about how I want to live my life, and wake up smiling. Im delighted and still astounded.
Friends are amazed at my energy and the newly evolving me. And they cant understand how its happening with touch, therapy, and mental change, rather than pills and diet drinks.

Ive passed out many of your cards and radio schedules to people who have problems or whose family members have problems to encourage them to take control of their health.

Just thought you should know how thankful I am for the direction my life has taken and how much I appreciate what you and your staff have done to make it happen

Warmest regards,

Dolores Glover

I first came to see Dr. Winer in July of 2000. I came to him with several complaints, one being hot flashes. I was having hot flashes at the rate of 20-30 per day. My medical doctor said I was going through the change and prescribed the Premerin patch. I wore the patch for about three months. The hot flashes continued.
I also had high blood pressure for which I was prescribed 50 mg of Hyzaar. When my pressure continued to stay in the high range, the dosage was increased to 100 mg of Hyzaar.

I also had a bad allergy to poison ivy. Just being near it made me break out with watery blisters and the itch was unbearable.

Dr. Winer gave me several supplements to take. I now take Seven Flowers, Iodine, Fem Endocrine, and Chelated Minerals. My hot flashes are almost gone. I only have 2-3 per week. I visited my medical doctor last week and he told me my blood pressure is down and to cut my Hyzaar from 100 mg to 50 mg.

Dr. Winer also gave me a treatment for the poison ivy and I no longer get it. It is really wonderful to be able to be outdoors and work in the flower garden. I can't believe he cured my poison allergy.

Thank you so much Dr. Winer,

Dave H.

Ok dont laugh hear me out on this one.

Linda works for a chiropractor who does more than the whole snap-crackle-pop thing with your spinal column. Among other things, he is a certified nutritionist and practitioner of homeopathic medicines cures and treatments through nutritional supplements and natural means and methods rather than artificial chemicals being infused into your system.

Before I moved to Pittsburgh in February, I visited Linda here in October. When I was here, she asked him to test to see if he could determine what was causing so many sinus and allergy/breathing related problems.

Using a method known as Surrogate Muscle Testing, he determined that my biggest problems were an allergy to milk and cheeses and to the stuff in dryer sheets. The treatment, known as Applied Kinesiology and Pressure Points, which in my case meant removing all metal from my body (rings, watches, ear rings, etc.) and holding a vial which contained essence of the allergen for about 20 minutes, and then complete abstinence from the allergen for 25 hours.


And, unlike traditional allergy treatments where you get injections or other chemicals, and can no longer have the allergen (how would YOU like to give up Kaas or Chocolate For the rest of your life LOL), I can now have them No side effects, and I can breathe I havent taken a decongestant or antihistamine since the treatment back in October SEVEN MONTHS AGO

I know that the Huisarts that Irene took me to in Hoofddorp practiced homeopathic medicine, and that many physicians in Holland do also. If I were you, I would ask mine about being tested and treated for allergies this way. Its quick, painless, reasonably inexpensive, and for the best part, permanent
Here is her docs webpage, which has links to articles that describe his treatment methodology http//www.painreleaseclinic.com/ http//www.drjameswiner.com/

I believe this works. It worked for me, and I know many other people for whom it has worked.

Daniel A. Shiflet

My name is Dan Shiflet. I have been seeing Dr. Winer for three office visits. When I started my treatments I had indigestion, hiatal hernia, and muscle pain in my hips and legs. The pain was from Lipitor which I stopped taking. Dr. Winer adjusted my stomach twice and I no longer need Tagamet to sleep at night. All pain is gone now and I feel great.

Dana Palmieri & Norman

I have an 11 year old Boston Terrier who has suffered from skin allergies since he was a pup. Dr. Winer prescribed flax seed oil capsules and Miracle II liquid drops. His skin is clear, his coat is shiny, and he has more pep!

Clara B.

I had a problem with frequently reoccurring cold sores around the mouth eradicated with only one NAET or Functional Improvement Treatment by Dr. Winer. I waited almost a year before writing this testimonial to make sure that I was really cured. It does really work even though it is hard to believe that such a seemingly simple non-evasive treatment is so effective. Before I went to Dr. Winer I had never heard about there being any way of curing viral infections, and Dr. Winer is one of only a few doctors in the USA who has both the training and long term experience to do this treatment successfully.
Dr. Winer also successfully treated me for several food and other allergies with one or two treatments for each one, using the same procedure as he used to cure the cold sores. While all other doctors of alternative medicine in this geographical area only give supplements to treat allergies, viral infections, and such, Dr. Winer cures these conditions. It is simply amazing After a successful treatment for a food allergy you can go back to eating that food after a 25 hour wait without any bad reactions.

Even though a blood test showed that my thyroid was okay, Dr. Winer tested me using muscle testing and determined that I had hypothyroidism. I was loosing a lot of hair and was always tired among other symptoms. For this problem I was given two supplements to get my thyroid working better and now I no longer lose my hair and I feel much better. I am sure that before long my thyroid will be back to normal and I will be able to stop the supplements.

Thank you Dr. Winer for all your help. God gave you a special gift for which I thank Him.

Ed Slagel

My medical doctor had put me on a cholesterol-lowering drug. Within a few weeks I began developing muscle pain, especially in my legs, that interfered with my ability to walk.

Hearing Dr. Winer's radio show discussing the side-effects of such drugs, I connected the symptom with the drug, and stopped taking the medication. But the pain continued even after being off the drug for months.

So, I decided to go to Dr Winer. After two allergy treatments for the medication, the pain totally disappeared and has never returned.

Thank you Dr. Winer, and God Bless You!

Beverly J. Snyder

I am grateful to God, Dr. Winer, his staff, and the Pain Release Clinic for the help I have received since April 2002.

I began listening to Dr. Winer's radio program in March. I heard him say if you have asthma, you should not drink milk or eat cheese. I began eliminating these from my diet before my first appointment.

My first visit was to correct the pain in my hip, groin, and down my leg. After three visits, this improved tremendously.

I have had three allergy treatments and am no longer on asthma medication. My breathing has improved and I no longer get short of breath.

The treatment for incontinence has relieved my anxiety and I'm much more free to leave home without the fear of an urgency attack.

I am grateful for the new life I've experienced in my body and am able to do things now that I couldn't have done this time last year. I recommend Dr. Winer's holistic way of treating patients and would like to personally recommend him to the person who believes they can be helped.

Anthony T. Floro

Prior to seeing Dr. Winer in April 2005, I suffered from allergies. I would have hives and swelling and took anti-flammatory medicine. After one treatment for allergies and taking the Livdetox (also stopped taking Lipitor), my allergy symptoms have so far disappeared. I no longer take the allergy medicine previously needed for these symptoms. Thank you Dr. Winer.

Kathy L

I visited Dr. Winer after hearing him on WPIT and being recommended by a friend. My symptoms were acne, which I suffered with for twenty years, and severe stomach pains.

Dr. Winer diagnosed vegetable fats, milk, and cheese allergies. He gave me Spectrazyme to take for the stomach pain to help my food digest and treated me for a vegetable fat allergy. He also recommended the avoidance of milk and cheese products.

My face acne got worse for a few days and then began to clear up noticeably. When I began to get lax in avoiding the allergens, my symptoms came back. I got more disciplined immediately and again got immediate results.
My second visit will include a milk allergy treatment and I have confidence the outcome will be just as positive. This accomplishment was in one month after years of putting up with acne and stomach pain.

Norma Ryden

We had prayed for years that somehow our son Ralph would be healed of the severe attention deficit disorder that was ruining his life. In the summer of 1997 we took him to Dr. Winer, who determined that Ralph's learning problems were nutritionally-related. He had two allergy treatments for food sensitivities, and we have seen his mind clear and the A.D.D. disappear. Now our son is doing very well in school, and now that he is off the Ritalin; his personality is no longer suppressed...he is the great kid we always knew he was.

I would like to add that by following Dr. Winer's diet suggestions, with no limit on the amount of food, just improvement in food choices, that I have lost twenty-three pounds and my husband has lost twelve pounds. We did this together in only seven weeks, and we both have a lot more energy. Thanks Dr. Winer!