Jeffrey Niznik

Since 1992, Jeffrey Niznik has studied and used Applied Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, Dr. Versendaal’s  Contact Reflex Analysis and Dr. Fred Ulan’s Nutritional Response Therapy.

Jeff uses Muscle Testing to help his clients by discovering any weakness in the way energy flows through each of the organ systems in the body. Once the weaknesses are known, he can use muscle testing to find out exactly which nutritional products reverse the weak responses.

Clients come to Jeff with symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, intestinal challenges, restless sleep, hormonal problems, skin problems, allergies and many other issues.

Using Muscle Testing, Jeff can discover what may be the underlying cause of their symptoms. Once these causes are known, he can recommend a protocol of nutritional supplements to aid the body in healing itself.

Jeff has also studied Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s and Dr. Ellen Cutler’s allergy elimination techniques.

If you think you are allergic to your dog, cat, cheese, milk, eggs, tomatoes, sugar, grass, laundry detergent or any number of other allergens, Jeff can not only test you for the allergy but he can do an allergy elimination technique to reverse or minimize your negative response to it.

He can test you on anything you eat, drink, breathe or are exposed to and see if you have a good or bad reaction to it. Most of the negative responses to items your body has an issue with can be reversed with an allergy elimination technique.

Other Healing Modalities studied and used by Jeff:

Nutritional Therapy
Massage Therapy
Spiritual Response Therapy
Reiki Level I & II Energy Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Essential Oil utilization for energy flow improvements through scars and meridians

In his off hours, Jeff and his wife are remodeling an old Victorian house they plan on moving in to and also enjoy attending the opera and symphony.