Winer Wellness Week, Summer Splash! 2019

Jump in with us with at the Winer Wellness Week, Summer Splash!

We have some new guest speakers for our Workshops. Of course, we will be offering FREE Testing, FREE Samples, FREE Vegan Buffet and FREE Access to all of our Practitioners.

And as a special treat, we are going to be trying some new food entrees. Come each day and see which ones you like!

If you can’t join us every day, pick out the workshops you don’t want to miss and come jump in and make a splash with us!

Here is the workshop schedule:

Saturday, July 20th                    30 min workshop | 15 min Q & A                                                                                                                                                                                                     

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

 11am- Dr Gideon Orbach DC – Opening Ceremonies

12pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM – Everything you always wanted to know about CBD but did not know who to ask

1pm- Jeff Niznik – Food, Pet Outdoor, & Emotional Allergy Reversal plus Asthma Natural Solutions

2pm- Joe Messino CN– Breaking News on the 91st Essential Nutrient

Monday, July 22nd

No ZYTO Scans today

11am-Mike Gallagher CLE – Are you taking the right type of Calcium?  Come & learn the differences.

12pm-Jeffrey Niznik – The Ins and Outs of Digestion.  How to Improve the Nutritional Status of Your Body

1pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM– Do you know how to read a supplement label and what to look for?

2pm- Wendy Small – Brain Health, Cognition, Memory Recall: Optimized Curcumin with Neurophenol

Tuesday, July 23rd

12-2 pm: Zyto Scan– Dan McPherson CN– FREE Today!

11am- Dr Gideon Orbach DC – Neurology, Chiropractic, & Rehab

12pm- Joe Messino CN– Breaking News on Activator X

1pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Detoxification and Testing to See Which Products Your Body Agrees With

2pm- Judy Donatelli – Three Rivers Thermograph

Wednesday, July 24th   

NO ZYTO Scans Today

11am- Dr. Tracey Stroup, ND, CNHP – MTHFR mutation: What does it all mean?

12pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – Lyme Disease: Its Peak Season- What You Need To Know and What You Can Do About It

1pm- Dr. Tracey Stroup, ND, CNHP – Weight loss is a big FAT lie!

2pm- Dr. Harvey M. Block DMD, FAGD, NMD, IBDM – Dentistry/Biologic Dentistry: The Field & what it can mean for You

3pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM– Breaking news on Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis- Do you want to build Joints to last a lifetime

Thursday, July 25th   

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM– Get Fat outta Here! What is the best way to do it Keto? Paleo? South Beach? Atkins?”

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Do you have Fungus, Parasites, Bacterial or Viral Infections? How to Test for and Boost Your Immune System

1pm- Joe Messino CN– Dynamic Duo: K2 & D3

2pm- Candace Wilson CNHP – Frontier Foundations – Forming a Lifestyle fit for you

Friday, July 26th   

NO ZYTO Scans Today 

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Breathing Techniques & Rethinking Posture to get You through Your Day

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Genes are NOT Your Destiny!  The Expression of Your Genes is Your Destiny!

1pm- Mike Gallagher CLE– Are you having blood sugar issues?  Come and learn natural solutions.

2pm- Joe Messino CN– 91st Essential Nutrient & Neurodegenerative Disease

3pm-Jeffrey Niznik – Juicing 101

Saturday, July 27th   

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Mike Gallagher CLE – Is DMG the miracle pill?  Come and learn all about it with free samples!!

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – What is wrong with Vaccines?  Infection is Not Disease.  Injection is Not Immunity.  Gluten makes it Worse 

1pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – The Stress- Brain – Adrenal Connection: How To Manage and Have It Work In Your Favor

2pm- Marianne Skiba: Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist – Well-Beauty Makeover: How to Achieve Outer Beauty from Within

3pm- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Are You OK? & Closing Ceremonies



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