Winer Wellness Week, Spring Fling 2019

Just in time for Spring — Winer Wellness Week, Spring Fling!

We have a great line up of Workshops, topics and new guest speakers. Of course, we will be offering FREE Testing, FREE Samples, FREE Vegan Buffet and FREE Access to all of our Practitioners.

If you can’t join us every day, pick out the workshops you don’t want to miss and come have some fun with us!

Here is the workshop schedule:

Saturday, May 11th                                                                                                                      

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!                

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Open Kick Off

12pm- Dr. Tracey Stroup ND – Face, Tongue, and Nail: The Art of Self Analysis

1pm- Joe Messino CN – Breaking News in Health & Nutrition: CBD

2pm- Dr. Tracey Stroup ND – pH and Your Health

Monday, May 13th

12-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Candace Wilson CNHP – How Toxic Overload can Stall Weight Loss

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – How to Reverse Your Health Challenges – The Steps to Take to Turn Your Life Around

1pm- Patricia Lemer – Treating Autism and ADHD without Drugs

2pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM –Breaking NEWS-Free Toxicity Test! Is it Time for a Spring Cleaning?

3pm- Joe Messino CN – How to Live (Even Better) Till You Die by Crushing the Underlying Cause to Health Decline

Tuesday, May 14th :

10-2 pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Neurology, Chiropractic, & Rehab

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Skin Rashes – Finding the Root of the Problem and Natural Solutions

1pm- Wendy Small, Douglas Labs – Beauty and Wellness

2pm- Mike Gallagher CLE –Do You or Anyone You know have Cardiovascular Issues from High Blood Pressure to Heart Attacks? We have Natural Solutions to Help!

 Wednesday, May 15th 

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Mike Gallagher CLE – Allergies and Veins: What’s the Connection? From Seasonal Allergies to Varicose Veins, We have Natural Solutions to Help! FREE SAMPLES!

12pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH –  Eat Healthy, Be Healthy, Live Long and Prosper

1pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Arthritis, Gout and Joint Pain – Natural Solutions

2pm- Joe Messino CN – Updates on the 91st Essential Nutrient: CBD

3pm- Dr. Harvey M. Block DMD, FAGD, NMD, IBDM – Biologic Dentistry: What do the Modalities Mean?

Thursday, May 16th 

11am- Mike Gallagher CLE – Good Fats vs Bad Fats & how much do need?  Find out why you need them for your Brain, Pain, Eyes, Skin, Hair, & Hormones!!

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease – Natural Solutions

1pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Are You in Pain? We have Natural Solutions from Acute to Chronic Pain that may Help! FREE SAMPLES!

2pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Sports and Life Performance – How to Win a Gold Medal

Friday, May 17th 

12pm-2pm: Zyto Scan for Detoxification – Dan McPherson CN– FREE Today!

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Neurology, Chiropractic, & Rehab

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Anxiety, Emotions, Allergies and Nutritional Deficiencies – How They are all Interrelated

1pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Do You Suspect You have Thyroid Issues, but Your Lab Tests say You are Normal? Learn the Real Truth and Natural Solutions to Help

2pm- Joe Messino CN –Breaking NEWS: Effects of D3 on Traumatic Brain Injury and Brain Disorders

3pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Have You Ever Heard of DMG? It Does Things No Other Supplement can Do. Come learn about it.  FREE SAMPLES!

Saturday, May 18th 

11am- Joe Messino CN – Breaking News on the 91st Essential Nutrient: CBD

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Asthma  – Natural Solutions for Breathing Problems

1pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer – Listen Carefully

2pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Are You Tired During the Day but can’t Sleep at Night? This is called Adrenal Fatigue and We have Natural Solutions that may Help


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