Are You Still Open?

It’s been 8 months since Winer Wellness Center has been without our beloved Founder, Dr. James Winer. And even today, we get calls from our patients asking if we are going to keep the Winer Wellness Center open.

It was Dr. Winer’s desire to see the work he started and had grown, continue as his legacy.

Even with the sad loss of Dr. Winer, we never missed a beat.

We are not only open, we are growing!

We continue to have Winer Wellness Week (coming up August 18 – 25th). We brought in a new Practitioner (Jeff Niznik) and will continue to look for more Practitioners and new services and we also added live call in shows on the radio in addition to archive reruns of Dr. Winer.

We still offer many choices for treatment of your health challenges:

Dr. Gideon Orbach, DC has been with the Winer Wellness Center for over 10 years; he continues seeing his current patients and is accepting new patients.

As an accomplished Chiropractor, Dr. Orbach is recognized internationally for his expertise in evaluating and treating extremity problems (elbow, shoulder, hand, knee, hip and foot). He co-authored an internationally published book on extremity adjusting techniques and he uses those techniques to help many of his patients get relief from their pain and discomfort.

While he concentrates mostly on musculoskeletal manipulations, his experience in nutrition, fitness, diet and supplementation goes hand in glove with helping his patients continue down the road to good health.

You can read Dr. Orbach’s complete Bio here.

Dr. Joseph Honigman, DC, MPH has been with the Winer Wellness Center for over 9 years; he continues seeing his current patients and is accepting new patients.

Combining over 25 years as a Chiropractor with a Master of Public Health degree, Dr. Honigman has over 40 years’ experience in both conventional and natural health fields.

He is a lifestyle and wellness-oriented doctor who specializes in nutritional and lifestyle counseling as well as evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Honigman has worked with and helped many of his patients with chronic conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Gastrointestinal dysfunctions to name a few.

You can read Dr. Honigman’s complete Bio here.

Adam Kawash, Muscle Therapist, has been on the Winer Wellness Staff for over 22 years; he continues to treat his current patients and is accepting new patients.

Adam is a professionally trained rehabilitation and muscle therapist graduating in 1987 learning advanced techniques not generally known in the United States.

If you have back pain, neck pain, arm or leg pain, sciatic or muscle related pains, Adam can treat them using trigger point muscle therapy. Many problems like sciatic pain and bone spurs can be treated with trigger point muscle therapy instead of conventional medicine’s surgery option.

You can read Adam’s complete Bio here.

Dan McPherson, NC, CEM has been with the Winer Wellness Center team for over 8 years. He continues to see his current patients and is accepting new patients.

Dan has been working in the natural health field for over 15 years and received his first certification as a Nutritional Consultant in 2003 and has continued to earn certifications in Educational Microscopy, Personal Fitness Training, Meridian Stress Assessment, and Nutritional Response Muscle Testing.

Dan uses the Asyra electronic diagnostic machine to detect energy disturbances and imbalances as part of his evaluation of his patients.

You can read Dan’s complete Bio here.

Jeff Niznik has been in the natural health field for over 26 years and has recently joined the Winer Wellness Center team in February of 2018. He is currently accepting new patients.

Jeff uses Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to discover any weakness in the way energy flows through each of the organ systems in the body. He can use these weaknesses to find out exactly which nutritional supplements can help reverse the weak responses.

Clients who have come to Jeff with symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, intestinal challenges, restless sleep, hormonal problems, skin problems, allergies and many other issues have found success in taking a recommended protocol of supplements to aid their body in healing itself.

Jeff has also studied allergy elimination techniques and can not only test for allergies but can then treat for the allergen and reverse or minimize your negative response to it.

You can read Jeff’s complete Bio here.

Dr. Winer put this team of Practitioners together with one goal in mind — Help as many people as he could to use natural health solutions to support their body’s ability to heal itself.

Yes, we are open. Come see us today!

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