Dr. Winer’s Memorial Service Pictures

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, a Celebration of Life Memorial Service was held at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, in the Music Hall Foyer for Dr. Winer.

The grand architecture of the Music Hall Foyer was a fitting venue for a man who dedicated his life to helping others.

Those who were able to attend, will attest to the joyous but also sad time we had celebrating Dr. Winer’s life and his life’s work.

Many of his friends and patients shared stories of their experiences and friendship with Dr. Winer.

There were several who had known Dr. Winer for many years. In fact there was even some good natured discussion as to who knew Dr. Winer the longest. One said, “I knew him for over 30 years”, another “We have been friends for over 45 years” but when Steven Parker stood up and shared “Jim and I went to kindergarten together”, that was the end of the discussion!

Dr. Winer touched the lives of many people. All of his years on the radio enabled him to reach out to thousands. If you were with him while he was out of the office, wherever he went people came up and greeted him or asked if he was Dr. Winer from the radio show.

Anyone who spent any time around him knew of his deep passion to help people. He was tireless in his pursuit to educate everyone he could on Natural Healing and was willing to help anyone who had a health issue.

Often times, patients came to Dr. Winer after they had exhausted all conventional medicine options. These patients were amazed that he was able to help them and help them he did, by the hundreds and thousands.

There will only ever be one Dr. Winer and although he is gone his legacy will live on through the Winer Wellness Center team he put together years ago, dedicated to educating, serving and helping others on their path to Natural Health.

We will never forget him. He will always be remembered in our hearts.

Thanks again to all of Dr. Winer’s friends who came to celebrate.

One of Dr. Winer’s patients, Frederic Kipp, a professional photographer, attended the memorial service and took some pictures that he graciously shared with us.




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