We Have A New Practitioner!

Many of you have asked us if we were going to be able to do allergy testing and allergy treatments. We have been asked if we could muscle test for specific supplements.

Until this week, the answer was “We are looking to add those services soon.” We have been diligently interviewing Practitioners since the beginning of the year. We wanted to make sure we not only found a Practitioner who could offer services but would complement the team.

Today, Winer Wellness Center is happy to announce we’ve found our new Practitioner.

With the addition of Jeffrey Niznik, we now offer Muscle Testing and Allergy Elimination techniques to our growing services.

What can you expect?

A new client can expect to be tested for immune system issues, weakness in all of your organs, tested on foods and environmental factors, and then be tested to see exactly what supplements may help improve your overall condition.

The initial appointment is scheduled for one hour and you will leave with a protocol to follow to maximize your body’s ability to improve your health. If you are coming in for allergy issues, you will be tested and treated during the visit.

Stop in and meet him

When he is not seeing clients, Jeff will be available to answer questions and discuss supplements in the store. He will also be available all during the upcoming Winer Wellness Week, March Mayhem.

He will be speaking all 6 days of Wellness Week at 12:00 noon. If you are unfamiliar with Muscle Testing or Allergy Elimination Techniques stop by and ask Jeff to explain. He will be available to meet and answer questions throughout the day.

Jeff will be working full time at the Winer Wellness Center and is now taking appointments. We expect Jeff’s schedule to start to fill up rapidly.

Call our office 412-922-9355 and schedule an appointment today.

You can read Jeff’s Bio, here


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