Are All Supplements Equal ? Part 2

In our first blog, “Are All Supplements Equal?” we discussed the differences in the costs of various supplements and why there was such disparity.

How the supplement was manufactured and the quality and measurement of the ingredients are key issues when choosing a supplement and these all affect the cost of the supplement and of course, the selling price.

Unless you know more about the company that is making the supplements it is hard to know what you are getting and even that can be misleading sometimes.

But how about this, a major Pharmaceutical company selling a product that actually lists ingredients that are downright harmful to take. And it gets worse, the supplement is a multi vitamin for children!

No parent would knowingly give their child something that would be harmful to their health and yet, if that parent did not read the label and research the ingredients listed, that is exactly what they would be doing.

And some of these ingredients can be very harmful to a child’s health.

This article by GreenMedInfo goes into detail on this dangerous children’s supplement.



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