“You Are Our Last Hope!”

I have been in the Natural Health field for over 46 years.

I am constantly amazed, and somewhat dismayed, how people when told by their conventional medical doctor to take a drug or submit to some medical procedure that is useless or potentially dangerous, go along with it — no questions asked!

I had a patient call in to see what he could do to detox his body. He had gone for a routine exam and his doctor told him he needed to get a pneumonia booster shot. The next day he started having horrific headaches, muscle cramps and joint pain.

He regretted the decision to get the shot but blindly went ahead with it because his doctor told him to get it. He didn’t question it. Now he is suffering side effects, temporary or even permanent.

Here’s another one.

Mammograms don’t save more lives.

In fact, a major, 25 year Canadian clinical trial found that annual routine mammograms for women ages 40-59 do not reduce death rates any better than physical exams. Both groups have the same death rate.1

Yet millions of woman needlessly subject themselves to harmful radiation because their Gynecologist tells them to get an annual mammogram.

What is really frustrating, many people seek our help as a last resort instead of seeking us first.

Then after many failed attempts by the conventional medical establishment, sometimes over years, they come to me and ask for help.

I received this email inquiry:

“I have been diagnosed with IBS with constipation. I have gone through many colonoscopies, endoscopy and blood tests to no avail. I have had CAT scans, ultra sounds, etc.  They cannot find any problems. I have pain in my stomach, bloating, heartburn and cannot go to the bathroom without some form of Ducolax etc.

Please help me! Because of all of this I have a lot of anxiety which they have prescribed Ativan. This has been going on for years. Some days I am OK and others I am miserable.”

“This has been going on for years!”


I can’t believe this person went years with no relief except to have them prescribe a prescription drug to deal with the anxiety she was having because she was getting no help from her doctors who finally said, “Here, take this drug, it will calm you down.”

I have said it many times, conventional medical doctors think we have too many organs and not enough drugs!

And then, I got this email yesterday:

“You are our last hope!

My brother has spastic cerebral palsy. The spasticity effects his stomach to the point he cannot eat without running to the bathroom. All blood test, sonograms come back normal.

Are you able to help us?”

I have been able to help hundreds, even thousands over the years that have exhausted every avenue that conventional medicine can take them down. We have hundreds of testimonies on our website and thousands of handwritten testimonies in our office available in binders for anyone to come in and read.

As a matter of fact, coming up on July 16th to July 23rd, we will be having our Winer Wellness Week, Summer Splash. If you are not familiar with Winer Wellness Week it is an open house that we host with FREE Natural Health Workshops, FREE all day, vegan food buffet, FREE samples FREE testing, and FREE health advice from the Practioners on the floor.

One of the many benefits of Winer Wellness Week is you can hear firsthand from many patients that have been healed using natural health solutions. If you have never been to one or you have a family member or friend that is “on the fence” about natural health, bring them so they can hear directly from patients that have been helped without drugs or harmful procedures.

But the biggest frustration of all is when someone finally does come in and I identify the causation of their problem and recommend a natural supplement protocol that has helped countless others, and they decide not to follow the protocol.

Even when this doctor told them to follow a protocol that can help them!

Go figure.

Source: “Annual screening does not cut breast cancer deaths, suggests Canadian study.”  British Medical Journal 2/11/14 1

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