Why Can’t We Have A Choice?

There’s a lot going on in the world today. Financially, Politically, Culturally…

Take Healthcare for instance.

There has always been fierce opposition to alternative healthcare by the “conventional” medical crowd. Lately, it seems like there is much more pressure.

Big Pharma and the government (FDA) have started to “strong arm” the public. They have even gone as far as trying to write new laws. Laws designed to take away your freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines for you and your children.

Some have been told by their employer that they must get the flu shot or find another job.

Pediatricians are refusing to see and treat children that have not been vaccinated.

Journalists are even calling for the arrest of parents that refuse to vaccinate their children.

The damage caused by vaccine is well documented up to and including death. The health risk is great enough that the Federal Government set up a “special” court just to try these vaccine cases.

This U.S. vaccine court has awarded billions of dollars to families of the victims. They have proven that their children died or were damaged by vaccines. Some for showing the vaccine-autism link.

The government even passed a law that you can NOT sue in civil court!

Protect the companies. Protect the employers. Protect the healthcare professionals.

What about the helpless children? What about the employees?

Big Pharma is doing everything they can to discredit anyone who does not want to be vaccinated. Woe to those who publicly speak out. Vilify and demonize the naysayers. Billions of dollars are at stake.

Because of my own vocal anti-vaccination stand I have been on the receiving end of name calling from radio show hosts and Facebook posts.

I wrote a letter to the editor and sent it to the two major newspapers in Pittsburgh, PA.

They refused to run it.

One of them even said, “They did not think there were facts to substantiate the anti-vaccination position”. Yet there are countless facts to prove that vaccines are not only ineffective but dangerous.

The recent outbreak of mumps within the NHL infected players who HAD been vaccinated.

Then there are the 8 mumps cases at a NJ College. All were fully vaccinated with TWO documented doses of mumps-containing vaccine.

Within 48 hours of having been given the flu vaccine, 13 people died in Italy.

A CDC scientist claims there is a connection between mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism. Millions have been awarded to parents that have proved their child got autism from the vaccination.

Years ago, mumps and measles were diseases that many of us caught in our childhood. For all but a very few, you survived the uncomfortable effects of the disease and then had lifelong immunity.

But wait — there are billions of dollars to be made by the pharmaceutical companies. Develop a vaccine to treat the disease. Even if they are proven to be mostly ineffective at best and deadly at worst; sell them anyway!

When I was a child (I’m 68) we were subjected to a handful of vaccinations in our childhood. Now, the newborn infant is given vaccinations as soon as they are born. As an infant, they will be subjected to 26 different vaccines.

The ingredients in vaccines are dangerous. Formaldehyde, antifreeze, nail polish remover, mercury, lead, aluminum, animal tissues, blood and fluids and many contain aborted human fetal tissue!

Give a child up to 26 doses and a lot can go wrong – and does.

If a parent refuses to have their child vaccinated, they are attacked by the medical community (backed by Big Pharma). Then the government (FDA) (backed by Big Pharma) piles on.

And you can count on the media to do their share. They get billions of dollars in ads for these drugs. Don’t kill the golden goose!

Why can’t we have a choice?

Write your state and federal representatives and voice your opposition to being forced against your will to take vaccines for you or your children.

While you still can.

You are not alone.

Act now.

Here is a link to the Pennsylvania State Representatives. Write or call your local Rep and let them know your position on vaccinations.

As I said earlier, there’s a lot going on in the world, I will continue with more next time.

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