Under Attack!

I said last time there was a lot going on in the world today.

Let me mention another one that continues to unfold before us.

It’s been all over the news.

The famed television personality Dr. Oz is now under the gun for daring to speak out against GMO foods.

Whether you or I agree or disagree with him on any or all of his recommendations, products, etc. one thing is for sure, he struck a nerve with Big Agra and they want to shut him up.

As a matter of fact, alternative medicine, organic foods, natural supplements and anyone who would dare stand up against Big Pharma and Big Agra are being attacked

You have probably heard about the Attorney General for New York State looking into the supplements sold by four major retailers. They are being looked at for possibly selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements.

The authorities said that 80% of the products tested did not contain any of the herbs on their labels. Their tests showed that pills labeled medicinal herbs often contained little more than cheap fillers.

If you are a subscriber to my Winer Wellness Center newsletter you would have received the newsletter “Are All Supplements Equal?” where I discussed supplement quality. If you didn’t read it you can find it here.

There are many companies that make supplements                                                                                                                                                       .

As in any product that is made there are various levels of quality. There are top quality products that follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They use nothing but the best quality herbs. They do not use fillers and have processes in place to ensure that there are precise amounts in each dose.

As you go down the line in quality, there are makers that do not use GMP, use poor quality herbs and the weights and amounts are not accurate. These are usually the “low cost” ones.

As I have said before, “In reality, the most expensive ones are the ones that do NOT work, no matter what you paid for them!”

But let’s get down to the heart of the matter.

Drug makers are able to patent their synthetic drugs. This patent protects the maker from anyone else making the same drug and selling it.

A patent means protection. Protection means you can charge high prices long after you’ve recouped research and development costs.

You can’t patent a natural substance so anyone can provide it at a fair price.

So what’s the next best thing?

Regulate them!

And regulation means money in the sense that it will cost the makers of natural supplements millions and millions of dollars to come under “compliance” which will put many of them out of business.

Even worst, the Big Pharma players will start to buy up the money strapped herbal companies and spend the money to get them “right” with the FDA and then pass that cost on to you, the consumer.

If people are complaining about the cost of herbs and vitamins today – “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

I have been in the Natural health field over 46 years and I am finally seeing more and more people turning away from the modern medical establishment and turning to a safe, natural healthcare.

If people are choosing to use natural products to treat their health issues who do you think will suffer?

Big Pharma — and Big Pharma is not about to lose these customers without a fight.

Sure, natural herbs and vitamins should be of top quality as I said in my newsletter, “All Supplements Are Not Equal?”.

You, as a consumer must be aware and make sure you buy your supplements from a reputable company.

That’s why I started the Nutritional Frontiers supplement line available in our retail store at the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  I know I will have high quality products to recommend for my patients. You can shop for them on line here.

Poor quality supplements are a problem. But there is a much bigger problem.

If Big Pharma gets its way and the government (FDA) regulates the herbal supplement industry we are on one slippery slope.

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