Irregular Heartbeat

I treated a patient recently who had an interesting story.
He said,“I was laying on the beach last week watching the waves lap the shoreline and enjoying the sunshine.
It was a tranquil time even though I was surrounded by quite a few others, each enjoying the beach in their own way.
Something wasn’t quite right.
As I lay there, I put my fingers on my wrist and started to count my pulse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine….
There! —- a skipped beat. I continued counting.
Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty….
another skipped beat!
Quite by accident, I discovered I had an irregular heartbeat. I continued counting off the beats and realized that after every ninth or tenth beat, my heart was skipping a beat.”
I knew it could not be good but I also knew I did not want to go to a conventional medical doctor.”
As soon as he got back to Pittsburgh he came and saw me.
The heart is an incredible organ. It is comprised of millions and millions of cells and each of those cells has a potential for electrical activity. In the normal heart, these electrical impulses occur at regular intervals.
If something goes wrong with the heart’s electrical system, the heart does not beat regularly. The heart’s cells are all wired together and if a single cell fires prematurely or late it will cause the neighboring cells to be activated and a mistimed wave will travel over the heart. Irregular heart beating results in a rhythm disorder, or arrhythmia. There are many reasons for irregular heartbeat from natural aging to disease. Conventional medicine will treat these symptoms with calcium channel blockers, beta blockers or digitalis. Each with their own set of harmful side effects. Heart health can be supported by using natural, safe, plant based supplements.
I put the patient on a protocol of Nutritional Frontiers Cardio Stack which provides 3 critical nutrients to enhance cardiovascular health. Three capsules per day.
Nutritional Frontiers Power Fuel a vegetarian, gluten free, formula that supports mitochondrial function to reduce fatigue and restore cellular function. One to two scoops per day
And, Nutritional Frontiers Mag Complete 300 a dietary supplement that provides 3 important chelated forms of magnesium for enhanced absorption. Three capsules per day Magnesium promotes the absorption and metabolism of calcium and is responsible for the activation and function of 325 enzymes that affect various metabolic processes and physiological functions one of which is heart and cardiovascular function.
Within two weeks, my patient called to tell me that his irregular heartbeat was gone. Nutritional supplements are an effective, safe way to support your body’s health without the harmful side effects that accompany synthetic pharmacological drugs that are designed to mask symptoms and not get to the heart of the problem!

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