Be a Winner by Losing!

Snow isn’t the only thing winter brings.

Just like snow quietly piles up during the winter season, for many of us, so does the
weight around the mid-rift during those long, cold, sedentary days indoors.

If you are like many of us, you slow down during winter.

Indoors, eating comfort food to stave off the cold; burning less calories than you would during the summer. Before you know it, you notice it takes a little more effort to zip up your favorite jeans…. and, just in time when the swimsuit ads start to bombard you!

Last year I decided to shed those unwanted, unhealthy, unsightly pounds.

Many of you may have heard me talk about my weight loss during the last couple of
Winer Wellness Weeks. Imagine losing 70 pounds and 8 inches off of your waistline in 7 months!

Talk about winning by losing.

Not only is it satisfying but it is so healthy for you and your body.

You may not need to lose that much weight but if you are looking to shed some
excess pounds.

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