Are All Supplements Equal?

Our forefathers said it was self-evident that all men are created equal, but when it comes to nutritional supplements nothing could be further from the truth.

Witness the latest investigation by the New York Attorney General of four major National Retailers selling herbal supplements. (See story here)
It turns out that several of the supplements tested contained very little or none of the ingredients listed on the label.

Whether the testing that was done was conclusive or even the right testing is another matter, however, the bigger story is this gives the FDA a foothold to try and regulate the supplement industry (pushed by Big Pharma) but that is a whole other story and for another newsletter!

Let’s get back to nutritional supplement quality.

I have many times heard in our store, “that costs a lot of money” or “I can buy that at a big-box retailer for a lot less”. Well, no you can’t.

So it costs less — at what price?

Less ingredients, poorer quality ingredients, shoddy, unsanitary manufacturing, etc.
When you purchase supplements you want to purchase from a reputable manufacturer that uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

GMP’s cover everything from Buildings and Facilities, Equipment, Production Process, Sanitation and Cleanliness, Quality Assurance, just to name a few and yes, this costs the manufacturer more.
What about the quality of the ingredients? Lower cost supplements may come from inferior quality sources that would not be used to make high quality supplements.

There are all kinds of products on the market today where there is disparity in pricing for the same product.
Take a mundane product like coffee. You can get a “cuppa joe” just about everywhere for a dollar, but if you want a premium —-

Well, that’s going to cost you. Think Starbuck’s – at least 5 times the cost of an “ordinary” cup of coffee!


The superior quality beans for one. The careful roasting, meticulous grinding…

You get the picture.

What about fillers? Some manufacturers use fillers in their formulas to cut down on the cost. If you are only using a fraction of the real ingredient and using low cost fillers, the manufacturer will be able to charge less but you will not get the full benefit, if any, from the product.

Fillers can be comprised of undesirable chemicals, flavorings, additives and nutrients not in bio-available form. These binders and fillers impede absorption and utilization and contribute to low potency that is not up to effective dosage level.

Even worse, these fillers could be dangerous if they contain ingredients the consumer is allergic to and is unaware of their presence.

GMP’s ensure that a 100 mg capsule contains 100 mg’s of that ingredient. Not 93 mg’s, not 106 mg’s but 100 mg’s and this for every individual ingredient in the formula.

That means regularly testing the product — translate that into adding more cost.
When it comes to price, the most expensive supplements are the ones that don’t work.
So, when I hear “I could get this for less at such n’ such a place” I say, “No you can’t.”

At Winer Wellness Center we carry top quality supplements like Nutritional Frontiers and other top of the line supplements that are easily digested and fully absorbed, with the bio-available forms of nutrients in therapeutic level doses.

When it comes to my health, I want the best.

You should too.

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