Spinal Adjustments

Realigning Structure

We have over 200 bones in our body, which allow us to move. For example, if the backbone were really only one bone, we wouldn't be able to bend, sit down, or even walk!

Instead, we have 26 moveable segments that enable us to move freely. The bones, called vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx, weigh as little as a few ounces each, and can be easily misaligned.


Obviously in a car accident, when thousands of pounds of force is transmitted to the neck and back, these bones frequently are pushed out of alignment. But they can be pulled out of place through exercise, or tight muscles, or even during the course of normal daily activities resulting in back pain or neck pain

Misalignments can even occur during sleep.

You May or May Not Know It

Sometimes it is obvious to recognize when you have misalignment of osseous segments, because you have pain. What people don't realize that the majority of your nerve fibers do not transmit pain sensations.

Some out of place bones and vertebrae may put pressure on nerves that do not warn you that something is amiss. We call that the silent subluxation, or silent misalignment.

These misalignments can nevertheless be causing nerve interference with "motor" nerves, the ones that control the functioning of the organs of your body, and your muscles.

Some of the Conditions Improved by Alignment
Many cases of urinary bladder incontinence, "overactive" bladder, and leakage have been improved or corrected through alignment of lower back vertebrae impinging on the nerves controlling the bladder.

Bedwetting in some cases is also related to misalignments, although food allergies can also play a part.

Dramatic Response

Some cases of high blood pressure, under active thyroid (hypothyroid), goiter, sexual dysfunction, irregular or rapid heartbeat, stomach and digestive dysfunction,headache, neck pain, tingling and numbness or burning sensation into the arms, forearms, hands, fingers, legs, or feet, sinus congestion, and muscle weakness have dramatically responded to realignment of bones.

Safe and Gentle

Performed in the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA, the procedure is safe and the various methods we utilize include ones gentle enough for babies and infants. We have had numerous newly-born infants brought in by their parents to check their alignment which can be compromised by the birth process.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Prostate, Diabetes
I was facing surgery for prostate cancer in December. I started checking around for another option after heating different stories about the surgery.
The pastor of my church referred me to Dr. Winer. I made an appointment to see him. At that time Dr. Winer put me on a special diet to follow. After about three weeks Dr. Winer said my prostate reading had dropped. I also noticed an overall improvement in my health.
At the time I was suffering from diabetes. I had a lot of numbness in my fingers and toes and swelling of my left ankle. I was having trouble with my vision. I was not sleeping very well and was having trouble relaxing. Today I have my sugar under control. My vision is a lot better and I feel more relaxed. The swelling has gone down in my ankle and my feet are 100% better.
Henry Wilson