What Our Patients Are Saying

Ear Ringing
For the last fifteen years I have had a droning sound in my left ear. My only reprieve was during my last pregnancy. I forgot to mention this to Dr. Winer. Im embarrassed to mention one more thing.
I would say what you did in one visit has rid me almost completely of this annoying noise. ONE VISIT I had gone to four doctors in the past. Two ear specialists, one internist, and one G.P.
The G.P. wanted to send me to a specialist in Pittsburgh. I didnt even bother. The classic answers were, I cant find anything wrong, or, Youll just have to learn to live with it.
When Dr. Winer says, In some cases you have results in one or two visits, it is very true. To me this is totally amazing One visit Thank you so much God bless you.
Susan Smith