Amjad (Adam) Kahwash

Adam graduated from the Damascus, Syria, Intermediate Health Institute in 1987 as a rehabilitation and muscle therapist, where he studied and learned advanced techniques not generally known in the United States.

Before coming to the United States in 1998, he worked at Homs General Hospital and Alraze Hospital.

Back pain, neck pain, arm or leg pain, sciatic and all muscle related pains can be treated with trigger point muscle therapy.

Adam has achieved spectacular results with his patients whom appreciate his warm, caring, sincere, and compassionate manner.

Adam has been a highly respected member of the professional staff of Winer Wellness Center, Pittsburgh, PA since 1999.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux
Dear Dr. Winer,
I have promoited this testimonial letter for too long now its two years old. I call this testimonial my praise report and thank God for my visit to your office that day.
Besides getting the great vitamins and supplements, I come to your office for chiropractic adjustments. I had been coming periodically for maintenance adjustments. At the same time I had been suffering from what I now know as acid reflux disease for about six months. If I ate a late night snack, I would wake with hot acid coming up my throat, choking me and almost suffocating me. I had some terrible episodes that kept me awake coughing and coughing trying to clear my throat of stomach acid. I heard the Tums commercials and started taking Tums each night before I went to sleep.
On a visit to your office for a maintenance adjustment, I casually mentioned my acid reflux problem to Therapist Herman. My appointment was over, but Therapist Herman took a few minutes and gave me a hiatal hernia adjustment, and I got immediate results. Therapist Herman adjusted me one more at my next visit. Its been over two years and I have never had another incident with acid reflux. I have since learned that we need our stomach acid, so if I have nausea or an upset stomach, I just take a couple of ginger capsules. I heard you mention hiatal hernia adjustments on your radio program. I can testify personally the adjustment works NO MORE TUMS FOR ME BECAUSE I NO LONGER SUFFER FROM ACID REFLUX DISEASE
Thank you, Dr. Winer, and thank you Therapist Herman,
Lee Etta Hairston