Mineral Deficiency

What Our Patients Are Saying

Intestinal Problems
Over the past two year period, I have experienced the following symptoms which progressively got worse until I felt I could not function normally
Numbness in arms and legs
Fatigues in muscles
Bloating of the abdomen
Constant cramping of the abdomen
Long bouts of diarrhea
Dizziness or foggy feeling especially during or right after eating
Feeling that ears needed to be popped and runny nose
When I met with Dr. Winer and explained my symptoms, he immediately diagnosed me with an intestinal yeast infection. Dr. Winer gave me a special diet to follow and suggested several supplements to take.
Six weeks after that appointment, the symptoms seemed to almost disappear. After a total of ten weeks, the symptoms were totally gone and I was able to enjoy feeling normal again.
I thank Dr. Winer for his knowledge and expertise.
Kimberly McKay