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Dr. James Winer D.C. and the Winer Wellness Center are dedicated to improving and optimizing the functioning of the entire person: body, mind, and emotions, through safe, effective natural methods.

Allergy Correction Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. James Winer D. C. and the Winer Wellness Center is dedicated to bringing affordable natural alternative healthcare to his patients. At our alternative health center in Pittsburgh, PA we will only recommend products and services specifically for your individual situation and will not exploit you or your insurance company ever.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Vomiting, Acid Reflux
My granddaughter could not lay flat because she would throw up all the time from feeding to feeding. After six months we came to Dr. Winer and he adjusted her stomach and she has been fine ever since. She started to gain weight, is now able to lay on the floor, and started to roll around like she should.
Thanks Dr. Winer,
Karen Agresti

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