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Dr. James Winer D.C. and the Winer Wellness Center are dedicated to improving and optimizing the functioning of the entire person: body, mind, and emotions, through safe, effective natural methods.

By utilizing Chiropractic, Muscle Therapy and Nutritional Consultation, the Winer Wellness Center is able to assist their patient's body to heal itself. 

Allergy Correction Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. James Winer D. C. and the Winer Wellness Center is dedicated to bringing affordable natural alternative healthcare to his patients.

At our alternative health center in Pittsburgh, PA we will only recommend products and services specifically for your individual situation and will not exploit you or your insurance company ever.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Diabetes, Cancer
I was facing surgery for prostate cancer in December. I started checking around for another option after hearing different stories about the surgery.
The pastor of my church referred me to Dr. Winer. I made an appointment to see him. At that time Dr. Winer put me on a special diet to follow. After about three weeks Dr. Winer said my prostate reading had dropped. I also noticed an overall improvement in my health.
At the time I was suffering from diabetes. I had a lot of numbness in my fingers and toes and swelling of my left ankle. I was having trouble with my vision, was not sleeping very, and was having trouble relaxing. Today I have my sugar under control, my vision is a lot better, and I feel more relaxed. The swelling had gone down in my ankle and my feet are 100 better. The pain is gone, my skin smoother, Im sleeping better, and I lost 24 pounds in one month.
Henry Wilson

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