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Dr. James Winer D.C. and the Winer Wellness Center are dedicated to improving and optimizing the functioning of the entire person: body, mind, and emotions, through safe, effective natural methods.

Dr. James Winer D. C. and the Winer Wellness Center is dedicated to bringing affordable natural alternative healthcare to his patients. We will only recommend products and services specifically for your individual situation and will not exploit you or your insurance company ever.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I had suffered with lower back pain for nine years, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights. I tried every chiropractor in my area to get relief. After $1,800.00 in doctors' visits and many bottles of pain killers, I gave up, figuring I would have to learn to live with the pain. Then after hearing Dr. Winer's radio show, I made an appointment, still very skeptical. But after just four trigger point muscle therapy treatments, the pain left and has never returned. Thank God for Dr. Winer and His entire staff of professionals.
--Larry Amati?690 Tyrol Blvd?Belle Vernon, PA 15012

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